Central Indiana Hospice and Palliative Care

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Hospice and Palliative Care in Central Indiana

Your healthcare journey is unique to you and your goals of care. We understand that your wishes for hospice or palliative care are priority #1 and we adapt our holistic approach to caregiving to fit your individual goals.

In Central Indiana, Paradigm Health is a leader and innovator as a hospice and palliative care provider. Already established as a compassionate end-of-life hospice care provider, Paradigm Health was the first in the nation to receive accreditation by the Accreditation Commission for Health Care (ACHC) for our community-based approach to palliative care. Paradigm Health’s mission is to provide above and beyond care for its patients and their caregivers and families.

We’re available 24/7 for your questions and to connect you with resources.

A Holistic Approach to Care

An Enriched Quality of Life
Every Day Matters

While many associate hospice care with end-of-life care, at Paradigm Health we know it is really about living—and doing so with services that enrich each and every day’s opportunity to celebrate life. It is about caring for the individual in a respectful, comforting and unique way that maximizes and nurtures their life experiences.

Working Together As A Team

At Paradigm Health, palliative care is a collaboration. Having an advocate to help partner, support and lead a patient’s palliative care can be valuable and allow for a streamlined, community-based approach. Paradigm Health acts as an extra layer of hands-on care to assist in patient care but does not replace a patient’s primary care physician or duplicate efforts.

Hoosiers Caring for Hoosiers

We call Central Indiana home too. As a locally owned and staffed hospice and palliative care provider, we are caring for and supporting your neighbors—and our own. Our services can help from hospice and palliative care patients to family caregivers to those who have just lost a loved one and are seeking comfort and support.

A Culture of Care

When our founder and chairman Jeff Jarecki—a longtime healthcare industry caregiver, innovator, and leader — founded Paradigm Health his mission was to create and build an organization that valued, supported, and encouraged growth of its employees first and foremost.

That unwavering dedication to become the employer of choice in the hospice and palliative care industry in Central Indiana has in turn allowed Paradigm Health to become the provider of choice for many patients and families.

Support — Resources — Enrichment

At Paradigm Health, our goal is make each day as life filled as possible. While the clinical side of hospice-based patient treatment and the continued management of a chronic illness through palliative care is built upon relieving the pain and symptoms of a specific disease, we are dedicated to the programs that go above and beyond the basics of expected caregiving.

Paradigm Health’s dedicated volunteers, bereavement team, enrichment program offerings, and our commitment to our We Honor Vets program represent out dedication to support fellow Hoosiers.

“When your loved one is in need of hospice, Paradigm Health is going to be there to help you through it all.
I could not be happier with their services. They are the absolute best!”

Jeffrey C.

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