• Meet Indianapolis Hospice Director RN Ashley Meldahl

    May 11, 2018 | Blog
  • In celebration of Nurse’s Week 2018 and one of the pillars of Paradigm Living Concepts continuum of care, hospice, we would like to introduce you to a one of our caregiving all-stars, who continually goes above and beyond in her dedication to our team and our patients. In the area of Indianapolis hospice care, she shines brightly with her compassionate caregiving.

    Meet Hospice Director, RN Ashley Meldahl

    Name: Ashley Meldahl

    Position: Hospice Director, RN

    Number of years in field: I have been a nurse for 5 years, hospice care for 3 years

    When did you discover your passion for caregiving? I discovered my passion  for nursing and hospice, fairly young. I have a huge heart for helping people in desperate and difficult times. I love walking with people through their trials and being able to support them through the hard times. Being an advocate for my patients and families has taught me so much through the years and grown and molded me into the nurse I am today. Each experience I have as a nurse, pushes me to be a better nurse for those in my care.

    What is your favorite life enrichment program at Pardigm and why? I love the music therapy program. Those lovely ladies create beautiful experiences for patients and families. They reach patients at a different level with music and singing. I have seen patients who are nonverbal , start singing and talking with music therapy. It is a beautiful thing to experience.

    Favorite season , why? I love Spring. I love seeing things come back to life from the cold season, the flowers and trees blooming, fresh air, animals coming out and the warm weather.

    If you were a super hero, what super power would you have? If I were a super hero I would love to have the ability to fly. I would love to be able to see the world from a different perspective and to be able to visit various cultures and places I want to travel to.

    Who has been the most influential person in your career and why? The most influential person in my career has been all the patients that I have had the honor of taking care of during my time as a nurse. Each patient has impacted my life and heart in various ways. They have poured so much wisdom, life and encouragement into me. I have learned different lessons from each patient that I have cared for, and I am so very grateful. Each experience with each unique patient has challenged me to grow and improve myself as a nurse.

    What is your favorite way to kick-off a Monday? A big cup of coffee and some tunes

    What’s your favorite thing to “binge watch”? Either Impractical Jokers or Friends

    Why Paradigm? Paradigm has changed my life in so many ways. My co-employees are incredible and quite honestly they are family. Paradigm inspires me everyday to do my best to care for my patients and our team. We work hard, care deeply and have fun at the same time. I am forever grateful to be apart of this amazing company and to work with some of the most compassionate and caring people around.

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