• Give a Little Healthy Love This Year!

    February 13, 2019 | Blog
  • Photo of Dick and Helen LeeIt’s almost Valentine’s Day and the time of year to celebrate love, even though Mother Teresa has said that “love is a fruit in season at all times.” Most likely, Dick and Helen Lee agree that love is always in season.

    Dick (age 94) proposed to high school sweetheart Helen (93) in a love letter, and they were married in a civil service over 75 years ago while Dick was on a short leave from the service. They had always wished they had gotten married in a church service with a reception including friends and family.

    In September 2018, the Lees got their wish when Elmcroft Assisted Living at Fort Harrison in Lawrence (Indiana) threw them a surprise wedding celebration. The day was something neither of the Lees would ever forget. What is the secret to their long and happy marriage? “We’ve never gone to bed at night upset with each other,” shares Dick and Helen smiles and says “we always tell each other we love each other—sometimes three times a day.”

    Current Paradigm Health Wellness Coordinator Holly Coulter was instrumental in getting the surprise wedding planned to celebrate the Lees lifetime of romance and knows that they were able to celebrate this milestone and tribute to love because they also understand that preventative health care, exercise, and staying active is important to staying strong not only for special occasions but for everyday health and wellness.

    Enter Paradigm Health’s unique wellness program piloted at Magnolia Springs Bridgewater in Westfield, Indiana. The goals of the cutting-edge program are in place to increase people’s knowledge of programs and activities that will benefit them to live a healthier lifestyle. And, the program is flexible and can adapt to each individual’s needs.

    “Through the wellness program Paradigm Health offers everything from general group exercise classes that focus on strength, coordination, balance and music therapy to increase mental capacity to one-on-one wellness coached individualized programs that are based on prevention. Today’s healthcare is all about prevention and people are often waiting until it is too late before putting in place a program that incorporates activities and exercise programs to keep them safe, strong and reduce recovery time should an accident occur,” shares Coulter.

    Some of the issues facing an aging population can be helped through a healthy and preventative activity plan. A free assessment, provided by a physical therapist and nurse, is available from the wellness pilot program and includes:

    • Testing of the individual’s awareness of surroundings. Falls are the No. 1 reason for people having to utilize rehabilitation and an assessment of the person’s fall awareness can help them prepare and eliminate a fall all together or prepare them for a quicker recovery if they do fall. 
    • Helping identify the individual’s strength and flexibility, as long periods of inactivity or sitting can make some people less mobile.  
    • Determining brain health and what program would be most beneficial because exercise is related to cognitive well-being.
    • Discovering the level of social interaction the individual has. Staying socially active through exercise and encouraging interaction with friends and family maintains a level of health and happiness. 

    Photo of Dale LanghammerA member of Paradigm Health’s new wellness program can attest to the impact one-on-one sessions with Coulter have provided for him. “I want to get better! I want to get stronger and have confidence in my balance, walk, and even focus on losing weight,” shares Dale Langhammer, age 78 and a resident at Magnolia Springs who works with Coulter three times a week.

    It isn’t just the Lees that represent the season of love. Langhammer, like many seniors is trying to get stronger and healthier every day so that he can continue to do all the things he “loves” as well like meeting with friends, staying mobile and enjoying and maintaining an enriched quality of life.

    So, the “love season” is now and every day! Become a member of Paradigm Health’s Wellness Program today and commit to staying healthy and strong in 2019.