• A Legacy of Caring and Kindness

    June 14, 2019 | Blog
  • A Father’s Day Tribute

    Paradigm Health is celebrating its 6th anniversary this month. Founder Jeff Jarecki attributes much of the company’s caring philosophy and principles to his own father and mother.   

    “So much of who I am and what I am about — which I believe translates directly to Paradigm Health as well — is a product of the environment I was raised in by my mom and dad,” shares Paradigm Health CEO Jeff Jarecki.

    Paradigm Health founder and CEO Jeff Jarecki with his daughters Jenna, Jessica and Jaymie

    Paradigm Health founder and CEO Jeff Jarecki with his daughters Jenna, Jessica and Jaymie

    Family Legacy: Caring for Others

    Dr. Arthur L. Jarecki and Dorothy Jarecki

    Dr. Arthur L. Jarecki and Dorothy Jarecki

    Jeff’s parents, Dr. Arthur L. Jarecki and Dorothy Jarecki, were determined from the time they met to create a legacy of their own. After Dr. Jarecki finished dental school, they moved to Richmond and began to build the foundation for their legacy of caring and kindness. They became pillars of strength for their family and community, leading by example, doing the right things for the right reasons. 

    “My dad was a dentist in Richmond, Indiana, where I grew up,” shares Jeff. “He was a unique dentist — he might even sing a little tune chairside for his patients — and loved helping people and that came through in his work every day. Everywhere I went, people talked about how they loved to go see him and how comfortable he made them feel. He didn’t see dentistry as a business but more as an art he loved and a way to help others. He loved the joy that came from caring for people.” 

    Jeff remembers his father opening his dentistry practice doors to local elementary kids who had no access to dental care or couldn’t afford the care. He offered a basic examination and would address anything he could for them at no charge. He also remembers that their doors at home were always open to any people in need and were well-known around town for their random acts of kindness.  

    “I’ve grown up watching the good that comes from helping people and being fair, open and kind,” says Jeff. “I also watched the gratitude and respect that people expressed for my parents because of their giving spirits. I’ve carried that feeling with me my whole life and I believe it is alive and thriving at Paradigm as well.” 

    Dr. Arthur L. Jarecki and Dorothy Jarecki

    Dr. Arthur L. Jarecki and Dorothy Jarecki

    The Paradigm Health Family Atmosphere

    A family atmosphere embedded within a business model is something else that has carried over from Jeff’s upbringing. His three daughters Jenna, Jessica and Jaymie all work alongside him at Paradigm Health and are continuing the caring traditions they’ve grown up with through the years. 

    My dad has always been a hard worker,” says current Paradigm Health Director of Administrative Operations Jenna Grimes, Jeff’s oldest daughter. “My dad was trying to finish his degree while still working full-time and raising a family. There are times I remember tagging along to Ball State with him when he had classes. He always held himself to very high standards. His reputation for working hard every day to better himself and our family. He was a wonderful role model.” 

    Jenna shares that she knew from an early age that, like her father and grandfather, she wanted to help others which put her on the path to becoming an occupational therapist and working in the healthcare field herself. “One of my first jobs was at a skilled nursing facility that dad was director of operations over and I saw firsthand how much respect others had for him in a work setting and at the corporate level. That set a great example for me to follow.” 

    Many of the values carried by Jeff through his parents and his experiences in other healthcare roles are hard at work at Paradigm Health today including a passion for caring, for helping people and for doing things the right way for the right reasons.  

    Jeff’s middle daughter, Jessica Nagel, also works at Paradigm Health and has been there since the company started in 2013. She says the spirit of doing things the right way for the right reasons has been the motivation for the Paradigm business model since the beginning. She was a recent college graduate when her dad said, “Come on over and let’s talk.” 

    After sharing his ideas and vision for opening a home health care and hospice company, Jessica — currently serving as Paradigm Health’s Director of Special Projects — came on board and a small team began putting her dad’s vision on the path to success. “It was hard work as we got established. We started with a pretty bare-bonesoperation, but we persevered,” shares Jessica. “It was so valuable to learn how to build a business from the ground up and it was not only an opportunity for the company to grow but for myself as well.” 

    The youngest of Jeff’s daughters, Jaymie Jarecki, began as an intern in spring 2016 while completeing her bachelor’s degree at IUPUI. In December 2016, Jaymie accepted the position as Paradigm Health’s Director of Human Resources. “I am very blessed to have both a family and a professional support system to encourage me and for me to learn from,” shares Jaymie. “My dad and my sisters are always there for guidance. I believe that as a young professional I am putting in place all of the values that my grandparents had, my parents have, and that my sisters and I have been raised to believe in.”  

    Jeff’s daughters say they are lucky to have had such a great role model in not only their personal but in their professional lives, too. They also say that he is a natural father-figure to others in the company and has gone out of his way several times to provide support and guidance that others may need for a multitude of situations.  

    “Our house was always open to anyone in need when we were growing up,” says Jenna. “We have grown up knowing that is the what you do — you care for others first. Nonny and Baba always said that when it comes to random acts of kindness there is no such thing as a coincidence, it is just God’s way of remaining anonymous. Jeff’s daughters say that you see a lot of those random acts of kindness “coincidences” every day at Paradigm Health. 

    “I am proud that the legacy my parents raised me with that puts caring for people first has become not only who I am but who Paradigm Health is as well,” says Jeff. “Working alongside my daughters is a gift as I’ve always thought that being a dad is really what defines me. And over the past few years it has taken a lot of energy and focus to start and run a business. But, at the end of the day, the most important thing to me is being a dad.”   

    His daughters say it is a gift to be able to spend 40 hours a week with a guy they’ve learned so much from. Nonny and Baba would be proud that their legacy of kindess and caring” will continue for many years to come. This Father’s Day, Paradigm Health is grateful for the inspiration and examples that Baba (and Nonny) provided for its foundation.

    Paradigm Health CEO Jeff Jarecki with his daughters Jessica, Jenna and Jaymie

    Paradigm Health CEO Jeff Jarecki with his daughters Jessica, Jenna and Jaymie