• Volunteer with Paradigm Health’s Hospice Care Team

    June 26, 2019 | Blog
  • Volunteer with Our Central Indiana Hospice Care Team

    It has been said that volunteers don’t get paid not because they are worthless, but because they are priceless. Paradigm Health Director of Volunteers Amy Steiner couldn’t agree more. “It is impossible to put a value on the companionship, kindness and joy a volunteer brings to enrich each and every day of a patient’s hospice care journey. And, the volunteer walks away from that volunteer experience as enriched and blessed, if not more so, than the patients and their loved ones we care for.”  

    Amy Steiner

    Amy Steiner, Director of Volunteers

    Steiner began her work with Paradigm Health over four years ago just after the company was founded. At that time, there wasn’t a specific or established volunteer program, but she was about to help put one in place that would be built on the same philosophy as the company followed — one that includes a passion for caring, for helping people and for doing things the right way for the right reasons 

    “Whether it is music, art or pet therapy, sharing a story as a reading companion, a spiritual visit, or just an empathetic ear, enriching the lives of patients and their loved ones each and every day is a priority for Paradigm Health and our volunteers,” shares Steiner. “We are honored to be able to be in facilities and homes and make a difference in their lives. For example, one of our volunteers Jim Hitzeman may be on his way to see a specific patient at a facility but he and his beloved golden retriever Maggie will stop to share some joy along the way with anyone they meet who might be in need of a little pet joy themselves. It is just these little random acts of kindness that go above and beyond that really makes a difference. 


    Going the Extra Mile

    Hitzeman and his dog Maggie aren’t the only ones going the extra mile to make a difference. The company culture, Steiner shares, is what drew her to Paradigm Health in the first place as a great place to work and is something unique to the healthcare industry. As a part of weekly Wednesday morning company meetings, staff take the time to offer “standing ovations” for anyone who has gone the extra mile for a patient or family or for someone on the Paradigm team. “This kind of positive support comes from (Paradigm Health CEO) Jeff’s leadership and when you build a team up like that, it flows through to their work every day and ultimately to our volunteers as well,” says Steiner.  

    In addition to one-on-one volunteer visits, Paradigm Health often hosts family nights in facilities they are honored to work with. This offers another opportunity for volunteers to interact with both patients and their families. These special event nights often include a group meal, music, conversation, and some sort of craft that all can participate in and work on together.  

    As an art therapy major herself, Steiner knows how much she personally enjoys working with patients manipulating clay, painting, or renewing a love of art that a patient may have forgotten. “I think most people have a passion for something and that is where I really enjoy matching up their specific passion with a patient’s need or passion for something special,” shares Steiner. “There is such a sense of joy to match up a volunteer and patient who have an immediate bond over a shared interest.” 


    What Does a Volunteer Look Like?

    Putting the patient’s needs and interests first is always the focus for Paradigm Health and finding the right volunteer to enhance and enrich every day of the hospice journey is a priority as well. You might assume that most volunteers are retired or older in years but at Paradigm what a “volunteer” might look like comes in many shapes, sizes and ages and has many different interests 

    “We have entire families that work together as volunteers with patients and we have both retired folks and high school students involved in the volunteer program,” says Steiner. “Sometimes, a patient misses watching a ballgame with a family member and wants a companion for that activity. Other times, the volunteer experience is more conversational, and a patient may want to share their life story. Either way, we make sure that our volunteers are offering support in whatever way is most beneficial for the patient and their family. 

    Support is something Steiner knows is important to everyone’s well-being — even her own. When Steiner moved with her family from the Washington, DC area to Central Indiana over 13 years ago, she was pleasantly surprised to see firsthand the heart of the Midwest and fell in love with the open and neighborly way everyone she met greeted her. They may have moved here, Steiner shares, because of her husband’s job, but they stayed because they wanted to raise their family and work in the Midwest. “This is just such a great place to raise a family and Paradigm is such a great place to work. I really might just have it all,” says Steiner.  


    Get Involved — Make a Difference!

    You might be wondering how you can become a Paradigm Health volunteer and make a difference in someone’s life. Visit myparadigmhealth.com/volunteers for more information. Come join our volunteer team — you will be so glad you did!


    In the video below, hear Amy speak at our annual Volunteer Appreciation luncheon.

    Dear volunteers: We couldn’t do it without you! At today’s volunteer appreciation event, Amy Steiner shared this quote: “Volunteers don’t have the time. They have the heart.” Thank you for your heart – and everything you do for our patients!

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