• Calling All Volunteers With a Caring Heart

    July 25, 2019 | Blog
  • Rockea Bell, Director of Life Enrichment

    Rockea Bell, Director of Life Enrichment

    Paradigm Health Director of Life Enrichment Rockea Bell has a smile that will draw you in and a passion for serving others that you will want to be a part of. She’s a true leader, committed to serving others, respectful, kind, compassionate, a great communicator — and she’s always recruiting! She’s calling for Central Indiana hospice volunteers of any age and she’s looking for someone like herself. 

    “I visit and serve patients and their families myself,” shares Bell. “But I am always searching for hospice volunteers that have the same type of passion for serving others that I have, and that Paradigm Health is known for. We really take the time to get to know not only what the needs of our patients and their families are, but we take the time to get to know our volunteers and what they are passionate about, too. It really makes a difference.”  

    Bell hasn’t always been in recruitment mode. She worked for Indy Parks for several years as a park and aquatics facility manager and as a life coach and mentor for youth in the juvenile system. At the parks I learned a lot about organizing and leading a team. My time working with youth — who were in both emotional and physical distress — was both rewarding and at times draining. I was ready for a career change, but I knew that caring for others had to be an integral piece of my day-to-day work.”  

    The Right Place at the Right Time

    Lucky for Bell, a family member —her mother and Paradigm Health Chaplain April Scott — shared with her that Paradigm was in search of a Director of Life Enrichment to recruit, train and coordinate hospice care volunteers servicing the south and west sides of Indianapolis. Her mother knew that the Paradigm Health culture was a perfect fit for her daughter. Their holistic and team approach to hospice care dedicated to enhancing each and every day of life’s journey really reached out to Bell’s heart. 

    “I knew this was the place for me. If you are just looking for a place to work and collect a paycheck — then Paradigm isn’t the place for you,” shares Bell. “I wanted a place where everyone from the leadership team down had a real passion for caring for people. By taking this position, I was going to have the opportunity to search for volunteers that would be an extension of our caring, supportive and dedicated hospice care team. Everyone here has an ‘above and beyond’ approach to care.

    Bell says that she has volunteers from teenagers to retirees and when asked what makes a good volunteer — she’s quick to answer with a smile. “I personally think it starts with the recruiter. I am the face of Paradigm Health and I want to represent all our company stands for. I want to establish a relationship up front with that potential volunteer and be friendly and engaging. It is all about relationship building. You want to make a connection and be warm, inviting and excited about what you are doing. All of the things that we search for in a potential volunteer.”  

    What does a Paradigm Health volunteer do?

    A volunteer can bring life enrichment to a hospice patient in so many ways. They can: 

    • Provide conversation or reading companionship and a listening ear for cherished memories 
    • Someone to play cards or games with 
    • Assistance with letter writing or help recording a patient’s life story 
    • Hugs  or hold a hand 
    • Shopping, gardening, yard or errand running  
    • Massage therapy 
    • Giving a manicure 
    • Taking a patient on a nature walk 
    • Singing along for music therapy 
    • Art therapy 
    • Bereavement support 
    • Community outreach 
    • Using your own talents to support hospice families (knitting and quilting for example) 

    Be a Central Indiana Hospice Volunteer

    If you or someone you know is interested in becoming a hospice volunteer, Bell encourages you to reach out. She shares that she spends as much time getting to know her volunteers and learning about their passions as she does with patients and their caregivers. “The volunteers need to know how valuable they are to Paradigm Health’s mission, and how crucial what they are doing is to enhance and enrich every day of the patient’s lives we touch.”

    Whether recruiting, visiting with a patient or leading a family dinner and craft night at a facility, Bell’s joy and passion for caring for others is contagious. Mother Teresa once said, “Let us always meet each other with smile, for the smile  is the beginning of love.” Safe to say that Bell has a smile waiting for you as her next volunteer. If you’d like to learn more about volunteering with Paradigm Health, you can contact her at rbell@plchealth.com. Nothing feels better than giving back!