• A Family That Serves Together Thrives Together

    August 18, 2019 | Blog
  • Paradigm’s Family Atmosphere

    CEO Jeff Jarecki founded Paradigm Health six years ago. He began the company with just a handful of employees and a mission to provide enriched, enhanced and compassionate home health, hospice and palliative care to Central Indiana patients and their families. He often attributes the “family” atmosphere and culture that is prevalent at Paradigm to his mother and father and their lifelong commitment and dedication to serving others. 

    “I grew up watching random acts of kindness that made a huge impression on me,” shares Jarecki whose three daughters also work at Paradigm Health. “We’ve built the company on a foundation that places service to others first on the priority list, but we also take care and support each other and I believe it is the value we place on our employees that directly translates to the exceptional care our staff provides to others.” 

    Caring Runs In The Family

    April Scott, Paradigm Hospice Chaplain

    April Scott, Paradigm Hospice Chaplain

    So, when Paradigm Health Chaplain April Scott heard that the company was searching for a Director of Life Enrichment to serve its central, south and west side of Indianapolis areas — her first thought was family. She was so impressed with the family values that Paradigm’s mission followed, she knew it would be the perfect place for someone in her own family — her daughter Rockea Bell. 

    “My mother would share stories about the leadership at Paradigm and you just knew that it was a special place to work,” shares Bell. “She said that Jeff once overheard an employee saying they desperately needed to find time to get an oil change. Jeff asked for the employee’s keys and said he would go get the oil changed for them. You know, authentic leadership and that ‘taking care of each other’ mentality really spoke to me. I mean, who doesn’t want to be a part of that kind of team?” 

    Rockea Bell, Director of Life Enrichment

    Rockea Bell, Director of Life Enrichment

    In today’s fast paced world where the bottom line rules, Scott shares that she’s always been inspired and impressed that the priority for care at Paradigm was not to do a job and move on, but to spend as much time as necessary with or for a patient and their family to make sure their needs were met before moving on. “This is the way you would treat your own family and how we treat each other as team members as well. I was thrilled that I could share this type of work environment with my own daughter.” 

    Bell and Scott admit that their paths don’t cross often during work hours even though they cover the same relative geographical territories, but they find time for lunch or a quick chat when they can. They are both strikingly alike and different all at the same time. Scott’s calm, draw-you-in demeanor and kind face make you actually lean in during a conversation. Bell’s electric smile and genuine laugh also pull you in for a closer look at what is behind that smile. Quickly apparent, outer appearances aside, is the immediate realization that both women are passionate about caring for others and that passion is absolutely genuine. You can’t mistake it. And, there is a mutual admiration for the role each plays in the hospice journey. 

    “Can I just tell you how amazing my mother and the chaplain team is here at Paradigm?,” asks Bell. Scott responds with a “She’s just great at what she does and how she can bring such joy to the patients and their families.” 

    Enriching Lives One Day at a Time

    In hospice care the journeys are always beginning and ending but both Bell and Scott say that they can make a marked difference in that journey whether it is a kind word, a listening ear, a shared hymn or life story, or just a physical presence. They both know they possess a key to enriching a life today and the next day and the day after that. Exactly the keys that make a family tick and keys that Paradigm Health have given them to flourish and be successful.

    “Christ says: Who among us want to be great? You must first learn to serve,” says Scott. Mother and daughter both shake their head in agreement and smile at each other. Seems as though a family that serves together, stays together and thrives together.