• Meet Paradigm’s Director of Home Health Clinical

    August 26, 2019 | Blog
  • All patient care is not equal

    If you ask Kari Haberman, the business philosophy of Paradigm Health to be a patient care provider of choice AND an employer of choice can make all the difference in the world.

    Kari Haberman, Director of Home Health Clinical

    Kari Haberman, Director of Home Health Clinical

    “That philosophy comes across in so many decisions we make at Paradigm Health,” shares Haberman. “While we are running a business, the bottom line is not the focus and that is unique to this industry. By giving employees the autonomy to make patient care decisions that are the best for the patient and their family, and to support them in a holistic, team approach setting is crucial to a happy employee. The happier the employee is, the better the care. It really is just that simple. 

    That win-win atmosphere was something that Haberman was ready for when she joined Paradigm Health in early 2017 as a physical therapist. After getting her doctorate in physical therapy from the University of Evansville, she worked a short time as an Indianapolis-based therapist before marrying and moving to North Carolina to be with her U.S. Marine husband. They were based in North Carolina for two years and then returned to make Indiana their permanent home.  

    Not Just a Number

    “I came from a national corporate setting where you were just a number on a giant roster of staff and I was ready for something more family-oriented and a place where my voice and ideas would be listened to and respected,” Haberman says. “I can walk down the hall or across the room and share a vision and immediately see a collaboration begin to create change.” 

    When Haberman moved back to Indiana in 2014 she worked at a rehab facility where she met many of the therapists currently on staff with Paradigm Health. After the birth of her daughter in 2016, she knew that she was searching for a change of her own. A meeting over coffee with Paradigm Health Chief Operations Officer Andrew Worswick was the catalyst for a career move. She began working as a physical therapist for Paradigm covering a northside Indianapolis territory.   

    Part of the work/family life balance that Worswick had talked with her about was a perfect fit for Haberman who soon added the duties of Director of Therapy to her own physical therapy patient coverage. “I scheduled all of the physical, occupational and speech therapy appointments while still maintaining a pretty significant therapist workload myself. But I was always able to get the work done and make it to daycare to pick up my daughter.” 

    Growth+Contribution=Happiness and Success

    In 2019, Haberman welcomed a baby boy to their growing family and was about to embark on another growth journey at Paradigm Health as well. After returning from maternity leave, she became the Home Health Clinical Director. “I still manage 20plus therapists but now I have the added responsibility of overseeing the nine nursing staff caregivers as well including Paradigm Health and contracted staff.” Haberman’s new role puts her behind a desk more than she has been in her career but she’s embracing it and says it is a breath of fresh air to take all her years of experience in hands-on care and be able to use that as she begins to focus on company and staff education and policy.  

    “There are big changes coming to Medicare in 2020 and I want us to be as educated and prepared for that rollout as we can be,” Haberman says. “I’m going to get ahead of that initiative and make sure we are ready as a company to embrace those changes come January 2020.” Those changes will affect patient diagnostic and reimbursement policies and will impact home health care record-and document keeping. These new policies will monitor patients closely for continuationofcare and evaluation for patients and their progression toward strength, recovery and healing.  


    “The highest level of compassionate care for our patients and their families is always at the heart of everything we do. I think that is why I was so drawn to Paradigm in the first place,” says Haberman. “Being a part of this team and having the opportunity to grow not only as a company but for me personally has been incredible. I’m very grateful. I can’t wait to see what is next!