• A Career Crossroad Leads to Caregiving

    October 6, 2019 | Blog
  • JT Ledet

    JT Ledet

    Paradigm Health just celebrated its sixth-year anniversary of support and care for Hoosiers. Physical Therapy Assistant JT Ledet has been with Paradigm Health for five of those six years and says a crossroads in his career journey took him from a potential career as an environmentalist to a hands-on caregiver. He says he couldn’t be happier he followed his heart.


    A Change of Plans: Physical Therapy 

    “I received my undergrad in environmental studies at Ball State,” shares Ledet. “A few years ago, there weren’t a lot of jobs opening up in that field and my wife was an occupational therapist assistant. The more I talked with her and others in the caregiving field, I realized that this was something I was interested in and wanted to pursue. I soon found myself back in school at the University of Indianapolis working on a career in physical therapy.” 

    Ledet had only been working at a Central Indiana rehab facility for about eight months when he met Paradigm Health CEO Jeff Jarecki’s daughter Jenna Grimes. She connected Ledet and Jarecki and there was instant chemistry. Ledet says Jarecki’s approach to business culture is something refreshing in the healthcare industry and is a philosophy that has not changed over wavered over time.  

    “Both Jeff and COO Andrew Worswick do a fantastic job at providing support, education and resources to all of their employees,” Ledet says. “Jeff is a ‘hands-on’ leader and believes in making sure that his employees know they are valued and heard and that in turn translates into successful employees who can then go out and provide the best services possible to Paradigm’s clients, patients and their families. It is a win-win.” 

    A Central Indiana Physical Therapist’s Day in the Life

    A typical day for Ledet might involve seeing up to eight patients on a busy day or half that number on a shorter day. “It just depends on what the patient and their family might need at that specific time. We never feel pressured to fulfill a bottom line. The patient always comes first and whatever time is needed to make sure they are taken care of is a priority.” 

    Helping patients and their families implement a physical therapy program that is unique to each patient is something Ledet says he enjoys. He likes being able to see different people who each have a different set of goals to meet and specific needs. He helps them navigate that journey to get them on the road to recovery or to regain physical strength and a return to activities they may be struggling with.  

    “Sometimes, I am also working with the patient’s family as a liaison to help them understand the process we are implementing for the patient and to keep them informed of our goals and progress,” shares Ledet. “Keeping everyone on the same page as far as the therapy goes is crucial to keep communication maximized. We are working to make sure it is a team effort as far as care is concerned.” 


    When not caring for patients and their families, Ledet likes to spend time with his own family as well. A recent fishing trip in Canada with his father was a highlight this year and staying active is a family priority. He often bikes, hikes and fishes with his two sons and is in training for the upcoming 26-mile Monumental Marathon.  

    “I like to stay on the move myself so I understand my patient’s desire to move through therapy and get back on the road to recovery so they can return to their own daily activities,” says Ledet. “I enjoy creating a therapy plan that will help them do just that.”