• Paradigm Health Home Health Nurse Ashley Lukes Takes the Extra Step for Patients

    November 26, 2019 | Blog
  • Meet Ashley Lukes.

    Ashley Lukes, Home Health Nurse

    Ashley Lukes, Home Health Nurse

    Paradigm Health
    home health nurse Ashley Lukes vividly remembers her doctors telling her that she would not live to be 30. She was 24 at the time. A baffling illness stemming from the base of her spine kept doctors changing her treatment path and sending her back and forth to the hospital for care many, many times. She describes the experience as both frustrating and terrible and she told herself at the time: “I can do better than this. I have more care to give.” 

    Now, I am healthy and thriving in a life I was told wouldn’t exist,” shares Lukes. “My own disease and health care experience led to a career in nursing and caregiving I really think of it as a calling.” 

    Upon meeting Lukes, most are struck by her thorough patient-care assessment, kind heart and ability to diagnose what home health care needs are required for a patient and then facilitate all of those working parts and pieces coming together for the betterment of her patients and their families. She often stays hours with a patient making sure they are comfortable, and they know that Paradigm Health’s team is prepared to support and care for all of their needs. 

    Lukes’s nursing experience is varied and extensive. She has spent clinical time in surgical intensive care units, progressivecare heart centers and in health care facilities. But, in 2012 she realized the part of her job she enjoyed most was educating patients before they were discharged and preparing them for their return home.  She realized working in the home health care setting was where she belonged.  

    A fluid plan of action  

    “I’ve always learned to expect the unexpected,” Lukes shares. “When a hospital or rehab patient is allowed to return to a home health care setting, I usually know what their immediate needs will be. Sometimes what looks like a routine plan of action on paper isn’t what is reality once I’ve seen the patient and the home. I’ve learned to meet each and every patient where they are and go from there.” 

    Much of Lukes’s plan for care is based on listening to her patients and understanding what goals they have set for themselves. “I am there to asses them from head to toe from a medical standpoint and identify what problems we may face during the caregiving process. I want to find the best way to assist them in order reach their personal goals which can range from simple daily living activities such as feeding themselves to learning to gain enough strength to walk again.” 

    Patient-invested time 

    Her teammates quickly describe her as always going above and beyond. She’s methodical in documenting medicines and their interactions, assessing pain, understanding the range of caregiving support and then bringing that information together to craft a specifically recommended plan of care for each patient. “Much of my plan is dependent on the patient’s participation and how collaborative the effort will be. I’m always mindful of respecting where the patient is both mentally and physically and how we can reach their individual goals together.” 

    Going above and beyond isn’t just a part of her professional life either. Lukes immediately lights up when talking about her 6-year-old son and her husband. They are an active family and enjoy soccer, basketball, tennis, flying kites, dodgeball and just about anything else they can do together. She and her husband are active in Northview Church, life group and she’s a volunteer for Hands for Hope, Habitat for Humanity and Good Samaritan. “I love being on the usher team at church and being posted at the front door to greet everyone,” says Lukes. “I really enjoy serving and welcoming everyone coming in.” 

    Lukes is well-known for staying as long as is needed to get the job done. A philosophy that Paradigm Health supports by encouraging staff to stay with a patient and family for as long as it takes to provide comfort and care. “I’ll spend whatever time is necessary to connect all of the needed resources to a patient and family so they can continue home health care as easily as possible.” 

    Twenty-four-year-old Ashley Lukes would be astounded at all her 35-year-old self has accomplished. She’s tackling life with gusto and providing care with passion.