• Testimonial—Pat Spudich

    July 27, 2020 | Blog
  • Pat Spudich shares through her testimonial that Paradigm Health and their entire hospice care team from nurses, aides and spiritual support to volunteers and music therapists made her husband Tom’s hospice journey one of love and respect. Her recent personal thank-you letter to Paradigm Health CEO Jeff Jarecki shared her gratitude.

    Dear Mr. Jarecki,

    Thank you so very much for your services. I don’t even know where to begin. My husband Tom was a cancer survivor who really suffered the past seven years. With that in mind, I tried to keep him home with me as long as possible. But, in August 2019 Tom required skilled nursing care and we moved him into a nursing facility. He passed away this past March. I was able to be with him daily. I can’t believe how worn my body had become but I am getting stronger every day now.

    The work that Paradigm Health did for and with Tom and me is truly appreciated. At one point, I was ill myself for 10 days and the Paradigm Health hospice care team arranged for someone to be there with him daily during that time. Paradigm’s services enabled me to let go and let God, Paradigm Health and me care for Tom.

    Your team was exceptional, and I am forever grateful for the compassionate care given by:

    • Care liaison Chalise kept appearing at times when Tom and I needed her most.
    • Nurses Danielle and Stephanie made certain that Tom’s medical needs were met and their loving concern during Tom’s last days were heartfelt.
    • Aide Jerika for taking care of Tom’s personal needs.
    • Music therapist Becky was a real surprise to me. Tom and I had been married 50 years and I never knew he enjoyed singing so much. Becky sang a wide variety of songs with Tom and she truly provided him with fun and peace.
    • Chaplain Brian prayed and visited with Tom for spiritual support.
    • Social workers Elizabeth and Kathy made certain Tom had what was necessary for his care and connected us with additional resources.
    • A dedicated volunteer who played checkers with Tom. Tom really enjoyed those visits and interacting during game time.

    This team was an angel, appearing at critical times for Tom and me and became people that I truly trusted. I cherish the people for the care given to Tom.

    The love, respect and quality of care given to Tom was a gift from God. I tell everyone that if not for the Lord, Paradigm Health and Einterz Law, I just could not have possibly made it through this. Thank you again for your services.


    Pat Spudich