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Advance Care Planning

Helping Patients Navigate Future Goals

Advance care planning is an extension of Paradigm Health’s emotional support as it helps patients navigate
end-of-life healthcare wishes and goals.

At Paradigm Health, emotional support for a patient and family extends beyond clinical care and works to assist in connection with resources, providing education and facilitating conversations outlining end-of-life goals and wishes. Discussion with your loved ones now and preparing a document of your wishes is an invaluable tool so that your unique health care decisions can be followed and respected.  

A social worker is part of the Paradigm Health support care team who can help end-of-life decision making, work as a patient and family advocate and facilitate advance care planning discussions and implementation.  

You might wonder why advance care planning is so important. It allows for peace of mind by documenting your healthcare wishes should you become severely injured or terminally ill. By taking the time to have these discussions you’ll be proactive and prepared before a medical crisis or healthcare change happens. Paradigm Health’s social worker can help those with life-limiting conditions facing psychological, social, spiritual or financial concerns navigate the end-of-life planning process.  

Paradigm Health medical director Dr. Dee discusses the end of life journey and her recommendations
to her patients of how to have important conversations. 

Advance Care Planning Process

What are my personal healthcare priorities, goals and wishes? 

What should I plan for if I become ill? 


What should I talk to my physician about in thinking about my healthcare future? 

What should I talk to my family and friends about my personal healthcare wishes? 


When should I share my wishes with family?

When should I share my wishes with my physician and other healthcare providers?


Your healthcare wishes and goals.
Your will.
Will you be an organ donor?
What are your final funeral or celebration of life service wishes?
Who will be your financial decision maker? Your health care decision maker?
Create your advance care planning directive 

Advance Care Planning: Important Points

Advanced directives ensure your unique goals of care and wishes are documented if you can’t communicate yourself. 

It’s your choice. Your health care treatment should be founded on your personal values, beliefs and wishes.  

Advanced directives aren’t just for the sick. They help everyone outline their specific health care plans. 

Advanced directives are conversation starters with your family or health care representative. Take the time to talk to those closes to you about your personal wishes. 

Keep your documents in a place they can be found.