I work as a voice and advocate for the aging individual and I’m always in search of a trusted and compassionate caregiving partner. Central Indiana hospice and palliative care provider Paradigm Health understands that enriching the lives of every individual each day is why we do what we do.” —Shannon Kelsey, Aging Life Care Consultants

At the heart of the founding philosophies of Paradigm Health and Aging Life Care Consultants is advocacy — and the highest level of care for an individual based on their own unique needs.  

“Proper care for an aging loved one isn’t something we take lightly,” shares Shannon Kelsey owner of Aging Life Care Consultants. “So many individuals need an experienced and trusted support partner during their medical journey. Our team of registered nurses, physician assistants, and master’s prepared licensed social workers help them navigate a very complex medical landscape and can do so even if those caring for a loved one are far away.” 

Shannon KelseyLike Paradigm Health, Aging Life Care Consultants is dedicated to honoring an individual’s wishes and creating a plan of care that is in the best interest of that individual and implementing a unique community-based approach to caregiving.  

Kelsey, a registered nurse, has worked many years in the home healthcare industry and most recently in case management. She’s always been drawn to geriatric care and wanted to pursue working with an aging population and their families in a more intimate way. When she decided to start her own aging life care geriatric care management practice company two years ago, she relied on word of mouth from elder care attorneys, trust officers, physicians, and a myriad of healthcare colleagues she’d worked with over the years. Soon she found her woman-owned business thriving and carving out a place among her competition. 

“I really enjoy working as an advocate for the aging and even acting as an extension of their family in many cases. I take that role seriously,” says Kelsey. “Starting conversations about medical and dementia care, aging in place, and finding stress relieving solutions for family caregivers are just a few of the services we offer.”  

Word of mouth is how Kelsey first heard of Paradigm Health as a hospice and palliative care provider as well. Her own business doesn’t take a fee for referrals, and she relies on her company’s quality of service to promote and grow business. Kelsey shares that the companies she collaborates with are important to her clients and to her. Paradigm’s community-based approach to palliative and hospice caregiving seemed a perfect collaboration. 

“Paradigm Health’s CEO Jeff Jarecki is very well known in the healthcare industry in Central Indiana, and he’s known for his commitment to the highest level of care for patients and their families,” Kelsey shares. “Paradigm Health, like Aging Life Care Consultants, is a family owned and operated business and our missions and visions for care for the aging are similar. We are both focused on doing the right things for the right reasons.” 

As a consultant, Kelsey serves as a liaison and voice for the aging individual and their family. When a need for a hospice or palliative caregiving partner arises, Kelsey shares Paradigm Health is a perfect complement and partner to assist in managing the day-to-day, hands-on care of a patient managing pain symptoms, medications, coordinating social services resources, and so much more.  

“They are an extra layer of support for our team when we need a knowledgeable hospice and palliative care partner,” says Kelsey. “They are an industry leader, and they are always going above and beyond for their patients. Those are the types of partners you want to collaborate with as they will strengthen your own business model. If you find a partner you can trust – that is just invaluable.”  


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