caregiving at homeAre you trying to care for a loved one at home and continuing to work your full-time job?

You aren’t alone as many families begin to care for family members at home amid the coronavirus pandemic. This new at-home care need may seem daunting as a more expanded caregiving role becomes a day-to-day challenge. It isn’t just about balancing shopping for groceries, cooking, cleaning and transportation to doctor’s offices for appointments; it also includes bathing and feeding and moves on to more complex care including giving medications, wound care and keeping a loved one comfortable from a pain management standpoint.  

We can help. We’ve put in place safety protocols and have you and your family member’s safety and well-being as a priority. As a valued and compassionate resource and extension of your care, our skilled staff can assist with a multitude of needs. We are Central Indiana’s go-to for hospice and palliative care and are mission is to make sure we are enhancing each and every day for your loved one. Call us at 317-735-6001 or visit myparadigmhealth.com for ways we can help you.  

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