• Chaplain Services

    DThe Association of Professional Chaplains shares that the spiritual comfort a chaplain provides as an integral part of the hospice and palliative care for an individual nearing the end of life can initiate, develop, support, and deepen the empathetic relationships between patients, families and the hospice care team staff by creating a serene and non-judgmental presence, free of a religious agenda.

    The team approach to hospice care seeks to offer care, support, guidance and reflection throughout the hospice journey. Hospice chaplains, as part of this care team, can help to create a safe space for meaningful conversations and confirmation that there is no right or wrong way to face death. And, while each path individuals and their families follow throughout the hospice journey is immensely personal, it is not one that must be traveled alone.

    Goal Areas Include:

    • Provide reflection on beliefs and life connections
    • Facilitate a spiritual wholeness and healing with no religious or theological agenda
    • Listen as life milestones, relationships, and values are shared
    • Create an atmosphere of love and faith affirmation, forgiveness and truth
    • Understand that spiritual support is necessary for the individual, family, and care team