Kim Goble Paradigm Health

Paradigm Health sets the standard of excellence for quality care and service as an industry innovator and leader. For Paradigm Health Clinical Liaison Kimberly Goble, a commitment to community education and outreach provides support for referral sources, patients and families.  

“My healthcare journey began in patient care,” shares Goble. “I realized I enjoyed connecting with people and providing them with essential information.” 

Goble’s approach to community education is founded in empathy, clarity and a commitment to helping families navigate the healthcare journey options. She believes that informed decisions lead to better patient outcomes and satisfaction.  

With over a decade of experience in the healthcare industry and a degree in healthcare administration, Goble’s role with Paradigm Health benefits from her ability to communicate and connect while strengthening the mission to raise the bar of hospice and palliative care experience one family, one team member, one community at a time.  

“Building relationships is at the heart of all I do,” Goble says. “I strive to be warm, approachable and caring and focus on helping referral sources and families understand the benefits of Paradigm Health’s positive role in partnering with them as they travel through the hospice and palliative healthcare journey.”