This blog was written by Paradigm Health Social Work Intern Rachel James as part of the Spring 2021 Bereavement Support newsletter. Paradigm Health provides grief support for loved ones of patients 13 months after the end of life. Learn more about our Bereavement Support.

Spring is here and we have left the harsh winter weather of snow and bitter cold behind. Many of us felt the second wave of COVID-19 which came with more loss, grief, and other waves of emotions. Fortunately, the future is looking brighter with the rollout of vaccine and businesses are opening their doors for more human interaction. 

For many of us, we are still experiencing the rollercoaster of emotions of grief through these past winter months and putting into place coping skills to help in the healing process. Fortunately, spring allows us to enjoy nature and allow the sun to uplift us. But, don’t be surprised if spring also brings up fond or special memories, such as family vacations or seasonal traditions such as family gatherings for Easter. Grief is a process, and we should be gentle with ourselves, no matter how long it has been.   

Here are some outdoor activities we can indulge in this spring to help us cope.  

  1. Taking a walk: whether it’s walking the dog or walking with friends or family.  
  2. Gardening: If you have a green thumb or are looking to explore those skills, this is a great therapeutic option!
  3. Bike Riding: Your trip doesn’t have to be a long two miles, around the block is fine.
  4. Undertaking a spring cleaning or house project can lend a “fresh start” feel to things!
  5. Eating lunch outside: many of us are still working from home, so take time for your lunch break and if the weather is nice enjoy your break outside.

These are just a few ways to bring a little sunshine into your life this spring. Read more on how to cope with grief during spring. 

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