The unknown has a powerful effect on our day-to-day lives right now—so prepare, listen and keep a watchful eye on your own well-being.

We are now quite familiar with the physical symptoms of the global-sweeping pandemic. What we aren’t quite so familiar with are the mental and emotional symptoms of the coronavirus we may also be feeling. Our day-to-day lives are changing by the week as we learn to work from home, assist in teaching our kids, and hunker down to remain safe, healthy and continue to thrive as businesses, individuals and families.

Staying informed and using credible sources for your information gathering is crucial and can offer a supportive and reassuring partner as we all navigate this new normal. Taking that newfound “power through knowledge” to become prepared for how you will mindfully and empathetically communicate with co-workers and your family in a positive way is step one. Oddly enough, step two may not feel as easy. Staying in touch with our own emotions and recognizing stress signals and anxiety triggers is much harder to identify. But, most of us do know when something feels a bit off. Paying attention to those gut feelings is something we are all going to have to learn to put in place.

At Paradigm Health, one of our basic business philosophies is to provide home health, palliative and hospice care with a holistic and team approach. We focus on taking the time to care for each other on our team to make sure we are providing the best care possible in the most positive of ways when we come to care for your loved one. Right now, more than ever, a focus on well-being is what will ultimately carry us through. Hope is a powerful tool and it might be why we are actually are all #INthistogether. It will take a collective effort to keep us moving forward and staying attentive to not only your own feelings and emotions, but of those around you, really speaks to the “together” part of this journey.

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