For many individuals, families and caregivers, a severe illness can be stressful and sometimes overwhelming. Being aware of early hospice care benefits and how early decisions to enter hospice care is important so that each patient can enjoy and enrich each day. 

Patients can be enrolled in hospice for the last six months of life. Often, we have patients who shift to a palliative care program or recertify for hospice care. The benefits of early hospice care admission can be: 

Pain Management 
Allowing the Paradigm Health hospice care team to understand each patient’s goals of care allows us to create a comfort and pain management plan that maximizes our patients comfort and pain relief.  

Access to Resources 
Oftentimes hospice care may require resources such as equipment, a hospital bed or a wheelchair. Accessing these items can take the burden off caregivers and increase the ease of care.  

Enriched Quality of Life 
Paradigm Health prioritizes our patients’ pain relief and comfort, but we offer many other forms of hospice care support including music therapy, volunteer engagement and interaction, access to social workers for help with advanced directives or connection to resources, spiritual support and so much more.  

Grief Support 
An early hospice admission offers our Paradigm Health grief support team time to offer support to both patients and families. Early in the hospice care journey, this support can help prepare and lessen the grief experienced by family members during end-of-life.  

Paradigm Health’s hospice care team can help individuals and families navigate the hospice care journey. Give us a call at 317-735-6001 for more information and immediate support.