Providing Palliative to Hospice Care Transitions

Many families often express to us they wished they had engaged in the palliative care or hospice care conversation earlier than they did. As a valued referral partner – you can make a difference in the hospice care journey for your patient as well. Our palliative and then hospice patient Mr. Zwirn and his family share how Paradigm Health’s community-based approach to early hospice care has made all the difference in his healthcare journey.  

For Mr. Zwirn, his journey from hospice to palliative and most recently back to hospice care has been one that Paradigm Health has walked with him every step of the way. 

“The communication from the Paradigm Health staff has just been something we’ve come to depend on,” says Zwirn’s daughter J. Kellett. “On their visits they check in at the facility welcome area, learn anything they can from the staff, visit with Dad and get a true picture of where he is that day and how he’s been feeling, and then share that report with the facility and us. By really taking the time to document how Dad is doing and/or any changes that are going on has really helped us know exactly what care he should be getting and when.”  

When is the right time to schedule a hospice or palliative care consultation?

When an individual begins to experience one or more of the signs below, it may be time to ask for a hospice or palliative care consultation. 

  • It’s becoming harder to manage pain and symptoms 
  • Your focus has shifted to comfort over cure 
  • More frequent doctor or hospital visits 
  • Increased confusion 
  • Taking longer to or needing more help to bathe, dress, ambulate 
  • Decreased desire to eat or taking longer to eat meals 
  • Progressive weight loss 
  • Worsening mobility and function 
  • Frequent infection/wounds that are not healing 
  • An increase in sitting or being bed bound 
  • Increased napping/hours of sleep 
  • Intermittent confusion 

It is never too early to begin exploring care options. Call Paradigm Health for a consultation at 317-735-6001.