Caregiving is at the heart of everything Paradigm Health home health quality assurance nurse Tammy Short does both at home and at work.

“My home and work life aren’t perfect, nothing is perfect” Short says. “But both are grounded in ethics and founded on a truly solid foundation of commitment to care. We really are Hoosiers caring for Hoosiers.”

Tammy ShortAfter 29 years of nursing and long-term care in a variety of facilities and roles, Tammy Short was ready to take a leap of faith. At a previous job, one of Short’s co-workers had recently taken a position with Paradigm Health and their conversations were always filled with her co-worker talking about how fantastic Paradigm was and that it had been a wonderful move for her both personally and professionally. A work-life balance was an integral part of the culture. 

“I didn’t love my job at the time. But I wanted to,” says Short. “I wanted a piece of that feeling of complete job satisfaction and a sense of belonging that Paradigm seemed to offer. After interviewing and coming on board with Paradigm, it has been everything I’d hoped for. The whole team approach culture and the familyoriented environment is very satisfying.” 

Family Comes First

Sit with Tammy Short for any length of time and you quickly learn that family is very important to her. In fact, she says it is her priority and always will be. Short’s daughter is autistic, and her care and well-being are always the priority. She made that clear when she interviewed with Paradigm and their willingness to be flexible and understand Short was a caregiver first and foremost was graciously accepted 

The match was a perfect fit because at Paradigm Health providing life enriching caregiving every day for its home health, palliative and hospice patients and their families is a priority as well.  

Today, at Paradigm, Short works as a home health quality assurance nurse. Her job ensures that all documentation is to standard and meets the expectations set by Medicare. She understands that the documentation is necessary and reads the patient charts from beginning to end. She says her role is an extension of the Paradigm employee and she isn’t there to scrutinize their documentation just to ensure they have captured information for each patient in a correct and timely manner.  

A Watchful Eye and a Grateful Heart

“I will admit that I love rules and regulations,” Short says. “But within that framework I really enjoy serving the public and assisting the healthcare workers who are hands-on through my role as an extension of the clinician.  There isn’t a department at Paradigm that doesn’t have their heart completely invested in patient and family care. It is true — we really are Hoosiers caring for Hoosiers.” 

Short’s experience is vast and varied. She’s worked in urgent care, for a rheumatology practice, in-home care, in a school setting, and as a human resources healthcare admission director, and has worked in facilities caring for complex medical patients. She brings all of that hands-on experience and knowledge to her job every day. Short says Paradigm and its people are like her home away from home. There is never a lack of support, kindness or a willingness to go the extra mile.  

“My home and work life aren’t perfect, nothing is perfect” Short says. “But both are grounded in ethics and founded on a truly solid foundation of commitment to care. At my first all-staff meeting that I attended here at Paradigm, there was more time spent on ‘shout-outs’ calling attention to all the caregivers who go above and beyond to provide care and support that I knew it was the right place for me. I’m grateful for the value I can bring every day and for the value that all of the people I work with bring to my life.” 





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