The Slowik family meets their second financial goal and are already working on continuing to pay down debt.  

 “Paradigm Health is committed to the health and well-being of their staff and that includes our financial health, too.”  

Miranda SlowikWe started following Paradigm Health Clinical Liaison Miranda Slowik and her husband in early 2020 as they embarked on a financial well-being journey with the help of the Smart Dollar program. Paradigm Health CEO Jeff Jarecki is committed to offering support for his valued employees and knows that it goes beyond physical and mental health and wellness and offered the program to his employees as support for their financial health as well.  

Miranda and her husband met their financial goal #1 earlier this year. They created a budget they stuck closely to and put $1,000 in a savings account as an emergency fund.  

Their next step, goal #2, was to start paying off debt in order of smallest to largest. By getting rid of the smaller amounts of debt first, they were able to secure some quick “wins” as the program refers to them as and gives a boost of momentum for Miranda and her husband to tackle larger loans.  

“Even through the pandemic we have stuck to our commitment to pay off debt,” shares Miranda. “We have been able to pay off two more medical bills and have added an additional $800 to our savings account. It was a great feeling of accomplishment. 

Next stepping-stone to financial health for Miranda and her husband will be to purchase their home by August 2021. “I’m very grateful that Paradigm Health offered this great perk to their employees because it has really made a difference in our financial future.“ 

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