Navigating the range of emotions during the holiday season when coping with grief can seem overwhelming. Finding peace, grace and being realistic in your expectations of yourself are important priorities for your own well-being and care. Follow along with Paradigm Health’s seven-part series on Coping with Grief During the Holiday Season over the coming weeks. We offer a virtual grief support group monthly and would be glad to welcome anyone in search of community and helpful tips to guide you through the grief process. Visit our Bereavement Support page or call Paradigm Health at 317-735-6001 for more information. 

Video 1: What if I don’t feel like being around others during this holiday season? 

Video 2: What if I don’t feel like getting out last year’s decorations or honoring past traditions? 

Video 3: Going out to shop seems stressful but I am not sure what other choices I have?

Video 4:  What if my family expects more from me than I can handle right now? 

Video 5:  What are some ways I can take care of myself?

Video 6: Can I enjoy a glass of wine or alcohol during the holiday season? 

Video 7:  What are some resources for grief support that I can lean on? 

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