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Grief Support

Transitions Beyond Hospice Care

Beyond caring for a patient during their end-of-life hospice journey, we care for the patient’s family as they transition to life without their loved one. Paradigm Health grief support can offer loved ones and caregivers the resources to navigate the grief process and includes 13 months of support after end of life. Our individualized grief support plan of care is unique to every individual’s grief process. Depending on the individual plan of care, your grief support team may include a chaplain and assistance from the Paradigm Health support services team including a music therapist, volunteers, and social workers.

Grief Support

Mailings and
Phone Calls

Grief Support Resources
and Coping Tips

Support Groups

Grief Support Groups

Today, more than ever, providing grief support services for those who have recently lost a loved one is important in our own bereavement journey process. Grief is a natural reaction to the death of a loved one and Paradigm Health understands that the duration and intensity of grief are unique to every individual. Our monthly virtual grief support sessions offer all those navigating the grieving process an online community to share thoughts and feelings and may include music therapy or spiritual guidance. 

Virtual Grief Support

Join Paradigm Health for our monthly virtual grief support program via Zoom.

  • Where: Via Zoom; Zoom meeting-link provided upon registration; registration required 
  • How: To register call 317-735-6001 or register by  email.
  • When: Monthly at noon — the third Wednesday of every month; excludes holidays 
  • Who: Anyone in need of grief support; open to any adult family member or friend; also open to the general  public.   
  • Note: Attendees are encouraged to attend as many sessions as possible.
In Person Grief Support

Join Paradigm Health for our six-week music and grief support group.

  • When: Beginning Thursday, June 6, 2024
  • How Often: Weekly through July 18 (Group will not meet on July 4)
  • Where: Paradigm Health, 8904 Bash Street, Suite B, Indianapolis, IN 46256
  • Time: 3:30 PM
  • Discussion: We will discuss normal grief reactions, grief and your relationships, self-care and remembering those we have lost.
  • Free to attend, but RSVPs are recommended and can be made at griefsupport@plchealth.com or at 317-735-6001.
  • Note: Attendees are encouraged to attend as many sessions as possible.

Celebration of Life

Our care does not end when hospice care ends. Honoring your loved one is important to us at Paradigm Health. We hold a Celebration of Life ceremony twice a year to honor those loved ones who have passed away during the past few months. It is an opportunity for our Paradigm Health hospice care team to celebrate the life of your loved one with you. It is a time for reflection, re-connection, and for healing.

Fall Celebration of Life

Thursday, October 3, 6:00 PM
Prairie Waters Event Center
4180 Westfield Road, Westfield, IN 46074

Light refreshments to follow program
RSVP is required for those who plan to attend. Please call 317-735-6001 or email griefsupport@plchealth.com.

An After-Death Checklist

Navigating the Details Through Death

The time following the death of a loved one can be stressful as you navigate both the grief process and the myriad of personal, legal, and financial responsibilities that will need attention and closure. There are many details from planning the funeral to dealing with paperwork some of which can last for many years. This is a time to lean on other family members or a network of friends to assist you and that you can reach out to for support. Delegating tasks that need to be completed can help to lighten the load. Below is a quick checklist of items you’ll want to complete soon after a loved one’s death. Content Courtesy of AARP.

Right Away

Tell Friends and Family
Get a Legal Pronouncement of Death
Decide on Funeral Plans

Within a Few Days of Death

Make Final Funeral Arrangements
Secure Property
Provide Care for Any Pets
Forward Mail
Notify the Family Member’s Employer

Two Weeks After Death

Secure Copies of the Death Certificate
Find the Will and Identify the Executor
Meet With Any Trusts and Estate Attorneys
Contact a CPA if Needed
Take the Will to Probate
Make an Assets Inventory List
Make a List of Bills
Cancel Services No Longer Needed
Cancel Driver’s License
Close Credit Card Accounts

Terminate Life Insurance Policies
Close Email Accounts
Notify the following of your loved one’s death:

The Social Security Administration: If the deceased was receiving Social Security benefits, you need to stop the checks. Some family members may be eligible for death benefits from Social Security. Generally, funeral directors  report deaths to the Social Security Administration, but, ultimately, it’s the survivors’ responsibility to tell the SSA. Contact your  local SSA office  to do so. The agency will let Medicaid know that your loved one died.

Life insurance companies: You’ll need a death certificate and policy numbers to make claims on any policies the deceased had.

Banks, financial institutions: If your loved one left  a list of accounts and online passwords, it will be much easier to close or change accounts. If the person didn’t, you’ll need a copy of the death certificate.

Financial advisers, stockbrokers: Determine the beneficiary listed on accounts. Depending on the type of asset, the beneficiary may get access to the account or benefit simply by filling out appropriate forms and providing a copy of the death certificate (no executor needed).

Credit agencies: To prevent identity theft, send copies of the death certificate to the three major firms: Equifax, Experian and TransUnion.

Additional Grief Support Resources
Resources for Adults

Local Support


Online Support 

Grief in Common
Open to Hope

Resources for Children
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