healthcare decisionsShouldn’t you be the one making decisions about your future healthcare wishes? You might wonder what does advanced care planning mean and how do you get started? Advance care planning helps you document the types of care you do and do not want and gives those you love the guidance to confidently make decisions for you when you’re unable to decide for yourself. This checklist should help you begin the process: 

  1. Start the conversation!
  2. Proactively document your wishes through advanced care planning. 
  3. Utilize government forms such as the Indiana Health Care Representative Form and bring this form to your physician’s office or healthcare provider and or speak with an elder law attorney for more detailed advanced directives such as a living will or durable power of attorney.
  4. Identify who will make decisions for you when you are unable. 
  5. Document your wishes concerning where you will receive your care. 
  6. Specify how aggressive you wish your care to be. 

This April 16 — National Healthcare Decisions Day — begin the conversation and put your mind at ease that your healthcare goals will be documented, respected, valued, and followed. 

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