Caregiving assistance can be a tricky conversation.  

As a Central Indiana hospice and palliative healthcare provider, we know that evaluating when and how to have caregiving conversations can follow an uncertain path. For Paradigm Health being able to assess caregiving needs and then offer a listening ear can be crucial to finding the right solution for a patient and their family.  

For many, life changes happen over the course of time — even before it is time for palliative or hospice care. What physical, mental or environmental changes in a person’s health and wellness can help everyone determine when caregiving assistance is needed?   

A quick assessment may lead to answers and solutions to caregiving support questions: 

  • How mobile is the person within their living space? 
  • Do mental health changes or declines seem obvious? 
  • Are financial matter becoming confusing or being neglected? 
  • Is driving still a safe? 
  • Are their noticeable changes in appearance? 
  • Does life where the individual calls home feel inadequate or overwhelming? 
  • Are medication doses being forgotten or too confusing? 

Determining next steps for you or a loved one can also seem daunting but taking the time to assess when caregiving support is needed can be a relief for both the individual and their family. For more in-depth information read more on AARP.org

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