group exerciseSonny and Cher might have had it right all along—the beat goes on! That is, as long as you know how to keep your heart healthy and strong. You might be surprised to know that heart disease can strike at any age and sometimes without warning. Being aware at a young age of how to keep your heart healthy is the best “heart healthy month” advice we can offer. At Paradigm Health, taking care of the body, mind and spirit is always top of mind and we want it to make the top of your to-do list, too! –

“Some very simple lifestyle changes can make a big impact when it comes to your heart health,” shares Paradigm Health nurse Lesley Bratcher. “Paying attention to, and taking care of, your body can be the first step to prevention of any disease.” 

vegetablesWhat can you do? Some simple suggestions from Bratcher are listed below and may make a big difference in your heart health: 

-Stop smoking
-Be screened for diabetes
-Get active
-Eat smart
-Avoid junk food
-Know your numbers: Have your blood pressure and cholesterol tested. A physician can help determine your appropriate goal weight.
-Sleep more 

“Perhaps the simplest lifestyle change is to just smile,” says Bratcher. “A happy heart is a healthy heart. Making the time for enjoyable activities and hobbies helps relieve stress and improves the overall mood, providing a great foundation for a heart-healthy lifestyle.” 

Looking for a way to add some smiles to your week? We are always looking for volunteers to help us bring joy, daily life enrichment and companionship for our hospice patients.  Visit myparadigmhealth.com/volunteer to find out more about volunteering with Paradigm Health. 

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