Paradigm Health Receives a score of 10 out of 10 on new hospice care provider measurement.  

Hospice Care Index Introduction

When the time comes for hospice care, choosing a trusted, ethical and patient-centered hospice care provider is a choice—your choice. A new consumer hospice care provider tool called the Hospice Care Index (HCI) captures hospice care processes occurring throughout the hospice stay, between admission and discharge. The score of all hospice care providers nationwide is available to those seeking insight to compassionate hospice care available to them in their area. With a score of 10 out of 10, Paradigm Health is committed to working every day to provide exceptional care for patients and their families. Our upcoming series shares how hospice care is measured and what the HCI means for patients and families as they search for a caregiving partner.  

The hospice journey and identified individual goals of care are unique for each patient and family. At Paradigm Health, we understand that your specific wishes for hospice care are priority #1 and we adapt our holistic approach to caregiving to fit your individual goals.  

When the time comes for hospice care, finding the right compassionate caregiver can seem overwhelming. But, being informed about how hospice care providers are measured on their hospice care overall can be insightful as you search for the right fit. Recently, a new measurement of hospice provider care was put in place called the Hospice Care Index (HCI) which captures care processes occurring throughout the hospice stay, between admission and discharge.  

“Historically, we submitted data at the beginning of service with a patient and then again at the end-of-life or end of service,” says Paradigm Health Chief Compliance Officer Jenna Grimes. “Now, through this new claims-reporting system, we are providing information about a patient’s hospice care throughout the entire journey.”  

The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) was intentional in wanting to provide consumers with an easy-to-understand measurement or score that identified the level and quality of care each hospice care provider was able to identify through claims during a hospice patient’s time of service.  

“Today, it has become second nature as consumers to search for reviews and look for 5-star products for anything from household items to cars to where we will choose for dinner,” says Grimes. “Consumers are used to making decisions based on reviews and rankings and the HCI allows consumers to understand what hospice providers are committed to their patients care which translates to a high score and compare them side-by-side within a geographic area.” 

Paradigm Health recently received the index’s highest score of a 10 out of 10. The index was conceived initially to alleviate a survey burden on the patient, family and provider and move to a more claims-based way to aggregate data and is a way of comparing each hospice provider with its peers across the country.  

In our next installment, we’ll share the criteria used in scoring for the HCI and what it might mean for hospice patients and their families.