Going above and beyond for families as they navigate the grief process.

As Central Indiana’s premier hospice care provider, Paradigm Health understands that families and caregivers need support even beyond the end-of-life journey for their loved one. Paradigm Health offers over a year of extended grief support for hospice families as they navigate the grief process.  

Transitions Beyond Hospice Care 

Beyond caring for a patient during their end-of-life hospice journey, Paradigm Health cares for the patient’s family as they transition to life without their loved one. Our grief support for hospice families can offer loved ones and caregivers the resources to navigate the grief process and includes 13 months of support after end of life. Our individualized grief support plan of care is unique to every individual’s grief process. Depending on the individual plan of care, your grief support team may include a chaplain and assistance from the Paradigm Health support services team including a music therapist, volunteers, and social workers. For more information visit our Grief Support page.

Supporting a Grieving Caregiver 

Death and grief are going to touch everyone at some point in life; this is part of living. However, if you or someone you know has been a family caregiver, the stress and emotions that come when the person who was being cared for dies can be particularly challenging. 

To support a  caregiver  who is grieving, ask how you can best help and listen for what they seem to need. Express your concern for how the illness is affecting them personally. Be willing to listen, to learn, and to look for ways in which you can support and be helpful. Paradigm Health is a proud partner of the National Hospice and Palliative Care Organization (NHPCA) who also offers suggestions for grieving families and caregivers.