Hospice Patients and Families Benefit from Music Therapy Life Enrichment 

Paradigm Health’s board-certified music therapists create an individual and special experience for each hospice patient’s unique goals. 

Paradigm Health’s mission is to provide above and beyond care for its hospice care patients and their families. Many hospice care providers focus only on the care they are required to give based on reimbursement. At Paradigm Health, we understand that a holistic approach to care, in addition to clinical patient care, can be a valuable support to enriching the daily lives of our patients.  

Music has a naturally calming effect and can help hospice patients experience and express emotions and connect to cherished life memories or create new ones as a legacy for family members. Music therapy can be used to meet emotional, cognitive, spiritual, social, and physical goals. Music is truly the universal language and Paradigm Health’s music therapists are trained to engage with each patient to connect to what types of music will inspire and comfort. In the coming months we will be growing our music therapy program as we increase visits with hospice patients. 

Benefits of Hospice Music Therapy at Paradigm Health 

  • Individualized services unique to each patient’s goals of care  
  • Session frequency based on patient need  
  • 1:1 sessions or small groups as appropriate/desired  
  • Engagement of family members/loved ones with patient care  
  • Consultations about the use of music in various settings  

Visit our Life Enrichment page for more information.