For Lisa and Caleb Thompson, working together has been a blessing for their family work-life balance.

Hospice Nurses Find Work Life BalanceSurvey says—Chipotle. Now, many of you may not have chosen that as your answer to the question: What romantic restaurant will you be celebrating Valentine’s Day in this year? But for Paradigm Health hospice nurses, Lisa and Caleb Thompson, it is a long-standing tradition and one they wouldn’t trade for anything.

“It was 2011 and we were in Los Angeles for ‘one big trip’ before our first baby arrived,” says Lisa. “It was Valentine’s Day and of course everything was booked up. So, we drove up and down the street and ended up at Chipotle. Since then, we haven’t missed a dinner there on Valentine’s Day and we have even made it a family tradition taking both of our kids now. We wouldn’t have it any other way.”

Both Caleb and Lisa say family is a priority for them no matter what special day of the year it is. So, it seemed like a perfect fit for both of them when they joined Paradigm Health’s team of valued and committed caregivers—it was like an extension of family. Caleb first joined Paradigm Health in late 2018 and Lisa soon followed in 2019.

A hands-on caregiving hospice journey begins

“I originally wanted to go into psychology but after graduation I realized I had a passion for caregiving and completed a transition to nursing program,” shares Caleb. “I worked in the oncology field for many years, but I knew it was not quite the right environment for me and I wanted a more hands-on caregiving career.”

Caleb had heard of Paradigm Health before but was connected by CEO Jeff Jarecki’s daughter Jenna (who also works at Paradigm) through his church. After his initial meeting with COO Andrew Worswick, the culture, commitment to staff and the hands-on team approach to hospice care was exactly what Caleb had been searching for. He was looking for a career that allowed for work-life balance in order to spend more time with his wife and growing family.

“It was difficult with our schedules,” says Lisa. “I was working 12-hour shifts as a nurse and Caleb was putting in many extra hours at his oncology job and it just seemed like we were passing in the night. We both knew something had to change. When Caleb started working for Paradigm Health his attitude about his job changed dramatically and he seemed so happy and fulfilled which made life much less stressful at home.”

Paradigm Health hospice care team gains a “family” member

In search of work-life balance herself, Lisa soon found herself interested in a hospice nursing position with Paradigm Health, too. In mid-2019 she joined the hospice care team and says working alongside such an incredible team is rewarding and having the added benefit of working with Caleb has been a huge help both professionally and at home.

“Being able to now share our days, to bounce things off of each other about caregiving and to help each other out has been invaluable,” Lisa shares. “I know for both of us that working for Paradigm has shown us what real support for employees looks like. I don’t think either of us has ever called to ask for resources, guidance or support that we haven’t been immediately met with: We are here for you whatever you need.”

It is all about life balance

What’s special is that Lisa and Caleb have the time to be there for each other as well. They balance taking their two kids to school, hospice care schedules that might take them in different directions on a daily basis, and try to create time for each other. They say they often meet for lunch to catch up on each other’s day or to just spend time together.

“I’m not sure it really matters ‘where’ you celebrate Valentine’s Day,” says Caleb. “What does matter is that you are doing it with the people that matter to you the most in life.”

And, sometimes a great love affair comes with a little sour cream and salsa on the side. Who knew!

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