In our three-part series learn the importance of finding the right hospice care team to partner with during your hospice journey. 

“If you are choosing a hospice care team, Paradigm Health takes the time to build a relationship and create a plan of care to enhance each and every day for the patient and their family and caregivers.”

Recently, we sat down with Paradigm Health’s Regional Director of Business Development Chalise Johnson to talk with her about hospice care and the importance of finding the right hospice care provider.  

In this first series, we focus on what the first steps toward getting hospice care might look like and how Paradigm Health’s unique holistic team approach is different than most other hospice companies.  

Q: What would you say is the most important role a hospice care partner can provide early on? 

CJ: Listening. When most people hear about or use the word hospice they are scared. I let them know that they shouldn’t be scared. There are times people are on hospice for a very short time and other times it can be for months or even years. I want to take the time to let them share their concerns. I also want them to share with me what is important during hospice care specific to their own journey.   

Q: Is a hospice care team the patient’s choice as they begin to search for a hospice care partner? 

CJ: Absolutely. They should know that who they choose as a partner for hospice care is their choice to make based on what approach to care fits best for their goals and needs. At Paradigm, we don’t think of a hospice diagnosis just as a way to keep the patient comfortable, even though that is a main priority. We know that so much more goes into the daily life enrichment for a hospice patient. Each and every day is a gift and we do all we can to provide care above and beyond the clinical side of hospice care.  

Q: What can they expect as they begin the process? 

CJ: It is important for the patient and family to know that we are going to meet them where they are. We take the time to educate them on hospice care and our philosophy and mission and really want to become a trusted partner in their journey. As an advocate of their hospice care, beyond the medical and clinical care needed, we can connect them with resources they may need and programs and therapies that can bring comfort and added joy. I feel it is so important to build that trusting and empathetic relationship with each patient, and their family or caregiving team, so they understand that their plan of care, individual and customized just for them, is something that I will be with them for every step of the way.  

Q: You’ve decided that Paradigm Health is the right hospice care partner. What happens next? 

The first step is to connect with Paradigm and set up an initial assessment of the patient’s needs. We respond to any hospice care inquiries or needs within two hours of being notified that a patient is transitioning to hospice care. That appointment call can be made by a family member, the patient, the doctor, or someone from the hospital. A member of our hospice nursing staff will ask for information on the phone and then visit with the patient in order to make a detailed assessment of their condition. During this visit, we will: 

  • Assess the patient’s eligibility for hospice 
  • Evaluate the individual’s need for pain and symptom management 
  • Counsel the individual with respect to end-of-life issues and care options, and 
  • Advise the individual regarding advanced care planning 

Continuing reading our series as Chalise shares more about the Paradigm Health team members you can expect to be a part of your hospice care. 

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