In our three-part series find out how important finding the right hospice care team to partner with can be during your hospice journey. 

“If you are choosing a hospice care team, Paradigm Health takes the time to build a relationship and create a plan of care to enhance each and every day for the patient and their family and caregivers.” 

Recently, we sat down with Paradigm Health’s Vice President of Regional Business Development Chalise Johnson to talk with her about hospice care and the importance of finding the right hospice care provider.   

In the second of a three-part series, Chalise shares what Paradigm Health caregivers you can expect to be a part of your hospice care team.  

Series 2 

Q: What type of approach does Paradigm Health put in place for hospice care? 

CJ: Paradigm Health is true to its mission to enhance the lives of all of their patients and their families/caregivers each and every day. We know that a holistic approach to hospice caregiving can help us fulfil that mission and provide hospice care services that are above and beyond the industry standards. We want to be caring for patients doing the right things for them for the right reasons. 

Q: Once a patient is on hospice service who can they expect to see as part of their caregiving team? 

CJ: While keeping the patient comfortable and supported throughout the hospice journey from a clinical standpoint is a priority, there are a multitude of Paradigm Health team members that may be a part of caring for the patient and in assisting families throughout the hospice journey. Those might include: 

  • Hospice nurses and certified nursing assistants 
  • Social workers 
  • Chaplains 
  • Occupational. speech and physical therapists 
  • Music therapists 
  • Life enrichment offerings such as art and pet therapy and aroma therapy 
  • Volunteer Support 

Q: Is the Paradigm Health hospice caregiving team the same for each patient and family? 

CJ: No, at Paradigm Health we are intent on making each hospice journey one that is individual to the patient. We know each individual has different interests and needs and we really take pride in connecting with our patients and their caregivers on a very personal basis. Usually, by taking the time to make those connections, we are able to match volunteers and other needed support staff based on their individual plan of care. We are known for going above and beyond to ensure our patients have the best care available to maximize their quality of life.   

Q: What separates a Paradigm Health hospice care team from other hospice care options? 

CJ: That is an easy answer. Consistency and compassion. Paradigm Health has one of the lowest staff turnover rates in our industry. Our CEO Jeff Jarecki founded the company with a commitment to becoming the employer of choice, and valuing each and every member of our Paradigm team which ultimately will lead to Paradigm Health being the provider of choice. This philosophy translates to an end result that provides exceptional care for patients and their families.  

In the last of our three-part series on hospice care, we will explain how each of the caregiving team roles assists in helping patients and families navigate the hospice care journey. 

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