Paradigm Health Hospice Care Volunteers — Happy and Helping

Going above and beyond in caring for hospice patients is at the center of Paradigm Health’s holistic team approach to compassionate hospice care and support. Within that team approach we know the value that life-enrichment volunteers can bring to hospice patients. With a strong commitment to volunteerism and community service, Paradigm Health relies on volunteer’s time and special talents that can make such a difference for our patients every day.  

We take extra time in matching your knowledge and interests with our patients to make sure it is a comfortable and rewarding experience for both patients and families throughout the hospice care  journey.  

Volunteering with Paradigm Health: Meet Gurjinder 

Gurjinder’s culture and religion promote and value volunteer services whenever they are available.  

“I volunteered officially for the first time in Canada when I was just a teenager,” says Gurjinder. “I volunteered in India as well as volunteering at a thrift store as a cashier to raise funds for children’s cancer care. Volunteering and the opportunity to give back is important to me.” 

A quick Google search for volunteer opportunities led Gurjinder right to Paradigm Health’s website and she was immediately drawn to supporting and engaging with hospice patients.  

“When I found the Paradigm Health hospice volunteer opportunity, I knew it was right for me,” Gurjinder says. “I’ve always wanted to volunteer and make this world a little bit better and this hospice care volunteer program gave me the chance to talk to people and make their lives a little bit better was what drew me to Paradigm Health.” 

Gurjinder spends time visiting with patients, sharing stories, and just being a support system with the goal of making each day as quality filled as possible.  

“Every visit is unique,” says Gurjinder. “I get as much enjoyment and fulfillment from my volunteer visits as the patient does and when the patient’s face lights up when they see me — that really is a great feeling.” 

For others considering volunteering, Gurjinder says Paradigm Health should be at the top of the list.  

“I’d tell anyone to just go for it,” says Gurjinder. “It will make them so happy that they took the time to make a difference in someone’s day. There’s so much value in giving back and seeing that you are making a difference.”