Paradigm Health hospice patient Dianna Warren has a gift with words. And, she’s sharing that gift through spiritual poems she has written through the years as a lasting gift to her family. Luckily, she’s allowed Paradigm to share a bit of her beautiful poetry with you, too.  

When I first met Dianna I knew she was very special,” shares Paradigm Health social worker Michelle Anesu. “After spending some time with her, I asked her if she felt there was anything left unfinished or undone in her life. She said she had written some poems throughout her lifetime and she wasn’t sure how best to share them. But, sharing them would give her joy. 

Dianna Warren Legacy ProjectAnesu suggested that a Paradigm Health volunteer could type them up and put them in a format that could be shared. One of the poems, Anesu learned throughout the process, had been published in a Catholic newsletter in 2007. Soon, the handwritten poems had been typed up and put into a scrapbook keepsake for Warren and her family. Warren’s poems were filled with encouragement and steeped in her own faith. Anesu asked if the poems could be shared beyond the covers of the scrapbook and Warren agreed.   

“She’s just a special lady,” Anesu says. “She loves nature and is always outside feeding the squirrels and other creatures peanuts and has a blue jay that is always stopping by her yard to check in. Dianna calls him Jay. It is wonderful that she is so tied to the outdoors and is still able to enjoy it as much as possible.” 

Warren’s writing is not only encouraging but prayerful and contains a sense of healing. Something the world could use a bit of these days. Paradigm is lucky to be able to share some of Warren’s poems.  

“At Paradigm we are always trying to find ways to bring enrichment and joy to our hospice patients each and every day,” says Anesu. “I’m so honored to be able to share Dianna’s poetry and to capture them as a part of her life history.” 

“My Friend” 

My best friend’s name is Jesus Christ.
He’s perfect in every way.
His Love for us is so perfect.
His Grace for us is so awesome.
His Power is as solid as a rock.
His Peace is a peace you only know if you love and have faith in Him.
His Blessings are such a special gift from His love for us. 

My best friend’s name is Jesus Christ.
He died on the Cross for our sins.
My best friend has a book out about Him and His father’s works and words.
If you believe in my friend’s works and words, you will get as much joy out of it as They do, but it has to come from the heart.
If you believe in His word and live your life like My friend did, you are promised eternal life with Him in Heaven.
That’s a promise and is written. 

If you believe in Jesus Christ, you will be Blessed to know The Holy Trinity.
If you believe in The Holy Trinity and allow yourself to be filled by the Holy Spirit, you will be filled with the deepest gift of inner peace.
Your love and faith for our friend, will deepen our relationship as it grows.
Your prayers, love, and faith in Him will be answered in His time and you’ll be blessed fully by your faith and love for Him and others.
If you ask for forgiveness for your sins, it is written that they are forgiven.

 “Words of Inspiration”

These words of peace and inspiration I have written were inspired by God, The Father, Jesus, His Son, and His Holy Spirit.  

I’ve been on hospice four times now and came through it each time with stronger spirituality and deeper love, peace, and faith in my Lord Jesus Christ, The Father, and The Holy Spirit. 

I know these words were given to me. So, therefore, I dedicate this book to The Father, The Son, and The Holy Spirit and I must add my late husband to this dedication. 

I never thought I was going to marry. But I did at the age of 52yearsold, and was on hospice several times already. God had placed this man of deep faith, so kind, compassionate, at peace with his life and family. He was so gentle and full of peace and faith that it touched everyone he met and knew. His heart was full of love for everyone and especially for The Lord.  

God had given me 7 wonderful years together with nothing but peace, love, compassion, trust, and faith in each other and The Lord.  

I got off hospice in September 2018 and lost my husband in October 2018. That’s should have been me. But his kids tell me that their father wouldn’t have wanted it that way. 

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