Indiana Hospice and Palliative Care

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Life Enrichment Programs

Enhancing Quality of Life

Paradigm Health’s goal is to make each day as life filled as possible.

Paradigm Health’s person-centered life enrichment programs focus on the living. While the clinical side of community-based hospice care is built upon relieving the pain and symptoms of a specific end-of-life disease, our life enrichment programs are created to work side-by-side with that clinical care to bring a holistic and team approach to patient treatment, support, and connection. At Paradigm Health our goal is to make each day as life filled as possible.  

As an Indiana innovator and leader in hospice and palliative care, our certified staff and compassionate, trained volunteers represent on a day-to-day basis our commitment to support fellow Hoosiers to maximize their quality of life. We go above and beyond the basics of expected hospice care and our care team is provides innovative therapies to enhance life’s journey concentrating on making each day as fulfilling as possible. 

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Emotional Support

Support for patients and their families during the end-of-life hospice journey comes in all types of ways. Beyond the physical care and well-being of hospice patients, Paradigm Health’s holistic, team-based approach to hospice care means we are focused on supporting mind, body and spirit. In addition to patients, caregivers and family also need support as they care for their loved ones. Paradigm Health social workers offer an extra layer of emotional support for patients and families as well as resource connection and education to assist families coping with the end-of-life process and to encourage and enhance self-care throughout the journey. Our hospice care team understands that each patient and each family and caregiver’s experience is unique, and we meet you where you are to assist in making the dying process less stressful.  

Some of the ways Paradigm Health can assist patients and families through emotional support services: 

  • Offer information and education on how to begin end-of-life discussions and Advance Care Planning.  
  • Support family members with platforms to talk out challenges, worries, concerns and uncertainties. 
  • Help patients and families with recommendations and connections with any needed paid caregivers, respite stays, facility arrangements, advance directives, assistance with paperwork, and more.  
  • Create unique plans of care for both patient and families to lessen stress through Paradigm Health life enrichment programs such as music therapy, spiritual support or volunteer services. 
  • Assist with end-of-life service arrangements. 
Spiritual Support

Paradigm Health’s holistic team approach to hospice care offers support, guidance, daily life enrichment, and reflection throughout the hospice journey. Hospice chaplains, as part of this community-based care team, can help to create a safe space for meaningful conversations and confirmation that every individual’s hospice journey is unique to their goals and that there is no right or wrong way to face end-of-life. And while each path individuals and their families follow through the hospice journey is personal, it is not one that must be traveled alone.  

The spiritual comfort and support a chaplain can offer is an integral part of hospice and palliative care for patients and families and creates a serene and non-judgmental presence, free of a religious agenda. The chaplain can also initiate, develop, support, and deepen the empathetic relationship between patients, families and the hospice care team.  

The Paradigm Health spiritual support team can help to:

  • Provide reflection on beliefs and life connections
  • Facilitate a spiritual wholeness and healing with no religious or theological agenda
  • Listen as life milestones, relationships, and values are shared
  • Create an atmosphere of love and faith affirmation, forgiveness and truth
  • Understand that spiritual support is necessary for the individual, family, and care team 
Grief Support

Paradigm  Health embraces each individual and their family to maintain and maximize quality of life through compassionate caregiving in a personal setting — no matter where you call home.  

Beyond caring for a patient during their end-of-life hospice journey, we care for the patient’s family as they transition to life without their loved one. Paradigm Health grief support can offer loved ones and caregivers the resources to navigate the grief process and includes 13 months of support after end of life. Our individualized grief support plan of care is unique to every individual’s grief process. Depending on the individual plan of care, your grief support team may include a chaplain and assistance from the Paradigm Health support services team including a music therapist, volunteers, and social workers.  

Music Therapy

Paradigm Health’s mission is to provide above and beyond care for its hospice patients and their families. We understand that a holistic approach to care, in addition to clinical patient care, can be a valuable support to enriching the daily lives of our patients. 

Music has a naturally calming effect and can help hospice patients experience and express emotions and connect to cherished life memories or create new ones as a legacy for family members. Music therapy can be used to meet emotional, cognitive, spiritual, social, and physical goals. Music is truly the universal language and Paradigm Health’s music therapists are trained to engage with each patient to connect to what types of music will inspire and comfort. 

Volunteer Companions

Going above and beyond in caring for Paradigm Health’s patients is at the center of our team approach to compassionate hospice care and support. Within that team approach we know the value and life enrichment volunteers can bring to hospice patients. With a strong commitment to volunteerism and community service, Paradigm Health relies on volunteer’s time and special talents that can make such a difference for our patients every day. We take extra time in matching your knowledge and interests with our patients to make sure it is a comfortable and rewarding experience for both patients and families throughout the hospice care journey. 

We Honor Vets

Through the We Honor Veterans program, Paradigm Health can assist to streamline the referral and admission process, educate our staff and communities about end-of-life needs for veterans, and coordinate care with the VA and other organizations. We also provide veteran-to-veteran volunteer programs and connect veterans and their families with community resources. Paradigm Health is proud to be a level 4  We Honor Veterans  partner.