Paradigm Health’s Bereavement Program focuses on a 13-month support system for families of hospice patients who have been cared for by Paradigm’s team. They offer grief support opportunities and fellowship and can provide and connect families with other needed resources as well.

Meet Paradigm Health Bereavement Volunteer, Aaron B.

Q: How did you first hear about Paradigm Health? 

bereavement volunteerAaron: I am in the process of getting my chaplain’s license and a part of that licensing is to fulfill volunteer hours. After calling a few senior living communities, one of them gave me Paradigm Health’s number as a great company that uses volunteers to connect with patients, families and as a part of their bereavement program.  

Q: What has your bereavement volunteer role with Paradigm Health included? 

Aaron: Paradigm Health has had to adapt currently to a more “volunteering from a distance” format and I’ve been able to write supportive messages in greeting cards to hospice patients and I am also making phone calls to those families who have lost a loved one recently. Paradigm actually stays in touch as a support system for families of lost loved ones for a 13-month period. I’m usually calling to check in with them and to make sure they are doing okay and see if there are any services or resources that they may need throughout their bereavement journey. 

Q: How did you become interested in working as a chaplain and specifically with the senior population? 

Aaron: I completed two years of bible college and in a conversation with my mentor there recommended to me that chaplaincy might be a wonderful fit for me and helpful experience before I started my own senior home ministry. My own mother passed away a couple of years ago and I understand the bereavement and grief journey and I am able to connect with those who have also lost a loved one on a personal level. I am able to empathize with what emotions they may be going through and provide spiritual and emotional support.  

Q: Has this volunteer experience with Paradigm Health strengthened your commitment to become a chaplain? 

Aaron: I am very drawn to caring and supporting those who are traveling in their hospice journey. I’ve really loved the experience and hope I’ve offered comfort to those in need. Down the road, I see myself working in senior home ministry in some way in the future and this volunteer experience has allowed me to share fellowship whether it is in-person or from afar.  

Paradigm volunteers are an essential part of our care teams and assist with enriching every day for a patient. As an invaluable resource, they bring a friendly smile, warm conversation, a hand to hold or offer a welcome respite family. To learn more about becoming a Paradigm volunteer, visit our Volunteer page.

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