Volunteer Emma RParadigm volunteers are an essential part of our care teams. As an invaluable resource, they bring a friendly smile, warm conversation, a hand to hold or offer a welcome respite family. To learn more about becoming a Paradigm volunteer, visit our Volunteer page.

Emma R.
High School Student
Works a Job at Dairy Queen
Plays Softball

Why did you want to volunteer?

I wanted to volunteer because of my desire to become a nurse. I feel that volunteering helps me get a head start on what I am wanting to do along with helping others. 

How often do you volunteer in a month’s time? 

I volunteer every Friday, about four times a month. 

Did Paradigm Health make the process to begin volunteering easy? 

Yes! I submitted a volunteer interest form online and the next day I was meeting with the volunteer recruiter, Rockea Bell, to get things started. 

What type/types of patients have you volunteered with? 

Since I am new to Paradigm Health volunteering, I have only worked with one patient and she is suffering from Alzheimer’s. 

Describe a typical volunteer visit with a hospice patient? 

Typically, I usually visit my patient around her dinner time. I help feed the patient and enjoy on-on-one conversations about what is on her mind that day. 

What do patients you visit most often want to do, talk about? 

Since my patient suffers from Alzheimer’s, our weekly conversations vary. At times she talks about her family and her past experience, and other times it is whatever is on her mind. 

What do you find the most rewarding about volunteering with Paradigm Health? 

I love all of it! Being able to see the patient smile and her face light up when I come for our visit. I really enjoy hearing stories about her past and sharing those memories with her.   

What would you tell others who might not be sure about volunteering especially with terminally ill patients? 

It is very rewarding. It may seem emotional at first, but they think and show the same emotion and the connection you make with them makes a positive difference in both of your lives. 

How has volunteering changed your outlook on hospice care or your own life? 

Through this volunteer experience, I’ve learned to live every moment to the fullest. Working with Paradigm Health has shown me that truly present and hands-on hospice care is geared toward the quality of life each and every day and not the quantity of days 


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