• Music Therapy

    Music therapy is using music to accomplish goals. In the hospice setting, music therapy provides support for patients and their families at the end of life. Certified music therapists are not just performers. Music therapists have training in music and psychology, and they use music to address clinical goals. Music therapy is not a required hospice service per Medicare, but a unique Life Enrichment Program that Paradigm Health offers to enhance our patients' quality of life. 

    The purpose of music therapy is to: 

    • Improve quality of life
    • Maintain feelings of self-worth and dignity
    • Manage pain, nausea, shortness of breath
    • Decrease anxiety/promote relaxation
    • Support independence through decision making
    • Increase socialization
    • Enhance family coping skills/encourage communication
    • Provide a means of emotional/grief expression
    • Provide supportive presence
    • Facilitate life review

    Meet Music Therapist Leah Whitmire

    Meet Music Therapist Becky Sharaya

    Meet Music Therapist Abigail Landreth

    Benefits of Music Therapy at Paradigm Health

    • Individualized services
    • Session frequency based on patient need
    • 1:1 sessions or small groups as appropriate/desired
    • Engagement of family members/loved ones with patient care
    • Consultations about the use of music in various settings

    Interventions Used in Music Therapy

    • Song recreation
    • Singing
    • Instrumental play
    • Improvisation
    • Songwriting
    • Song discussion
    • Music for relaxation
    • Movement to music
    • Music and imagery