Licensed Clinical Social Worker Cindy Davis shares some of the adaptations that Paradigm Health is putting in place as they continue to care for patients, their families and their team through evolving education and support even from afar. 


The Paradigm team is working to: 

  • Research and share constantly updated emergency assistance information 
  • Share information to assist in understanding the impact the virus is having on patients, families and staff and how to recognize when help is needed 
  • Participating in webinars and meetings to stay up to date on topics changing and affecting patients and family members 
  • Adjusting care plan goals based on fluid information affecting patients and families due to the ongoing protocols to maximize health and safety 
  • Continue to provide above and beyond care while maintaining social distancing to respect the state and local guidelines and reduce risk to patients, their families and Paradigm Health staff 


The Paradigm team is working to: 

  • Use technology (Zoom and FaceTime) to extend and enhance virtual support for patients, families, facility resources, and the Paradigm Health team 
  • Increase the frequency of calls to touch base with patients and to provide comfort and maintain a feeling of continued connectivity 
  • Writing personal notes sent via email or through the mail to patients  
  • Connect virtually with the Paradigm Health staff weekly to provide educational updates and to check in on one another in support of their well-being 

Each and every week brings new challenges and new opportunities for us to think outside the box to provide the safest and best care available. It’s something we’ve been doing since Paradigm Health began so we are used to being creative and nimble when it comes to finding new solutions and how best to put them into action for our patients, their families and our own staff.  

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