Comforting and supporting patients with a unique care plan just for them 

“When I am taking care of patients or my family or anyone in need, I always have in my mind that if I am the one who is providing your care — I go to sleep every night knowing you are going to be taken care of well.”

CNA Team Lead Catherine MangrumYou might call Paradigm Health Customer Care Specialist and CNA Team Lead Catherine Mangrum a multi-tasker, trouble-shooter, scheduler, and problem-solver. She describes herself as a nurturer at heart. Mangrum’s patients and those she works with couldn’t agree more.   

“I started working as a CNA about eight years ago and during those years of one-on-one personal care for patients, I realized that there were so many things I could do to help each patient feel calmer, supported and safe,” shares Mangrum. “I am very in tune with understanding that each and every patient that I might interact with had different goals and needs and concerns. And, I wanted to take the time to find out what would make each of my visits less stressful for them and try to mitigate and alleviate any fears they were having.” 

Mangrum says that is why Paradigm Health is such a perfect match for her. Unlike most other businesses in the industry, she says that Paradigm allows her the time needed with each patient to make sure all of their needs are met. It has also been a place where Mangrum feels she was able to grow right alongside the company. 

“I was working in a healthcare facility when I met someone who was providing hospice care for a patient and that caregiver was from Paradigm Health,” Mangrum says. “I was so impressed with how she cared for the patient that I was just drawn to her and finding out more about the company. I interviewed and have been with Paradigm for about three years now. I started as a CNA but I’ve been lucky to move to medical records, then team lead and now I schedule all of the home health and hospice entities.”  

Wearing a lot of hats is something that comes naturally to Mangrum. Through her current job she interacts with several different departments making sure compliance measures are met and making sure patients have the care and therapy they need at the right times staffed by the right caregivers.  

“Beyond making sure things are scheduled and covered, I love the fact that Paradigm Health and the leadership team is open to everyone contributing new ideas and allowing for feedback,” Mangrum says. “I’m always researching ways our CNA team can enhance our time with patients and I want to be able to bring some fresh and new ideas to the table. The leadership is always open to listen and provide support. It just means to me that they value what I am doing and what I am hoping to contribute.” 

Patients of Mangrum’s are the ones who reap that benefit. She’s always creating soothing music playlists for them or providing music from one of Paradigm’s music therapists or finding ways that are unique to each patient to make her visit more peaceful and enjoyable. When she isn’t at work, she loves a good podcast or crime story and is always putting her family first.  

“I know I have a lot more growing to do,” shares Mangrum. “I love working with geriatric patients, and I love working with kids, too. When I’m taking care of my own family or taking care of the abused and neglected or those in need, I always have in my mind that if I am the one who is providing your care — I go to sleep every night knowing you are going to be taken care of well.” 

For Paradigm patients, what a wonderful feeling to see a nurturer at heart like Catherine Mangrum walk through the door to spend time with them.  


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