Palliative care can be started any time after a diagnosis of Alzheimer’s Disease, but the earlier the better because a palliative care team can work as part of your support structure from the very beginning. The team helps manage your symptoms, but members of the team also focus on conversations about your goals, concerns and treatment options. They help you discuss what is important to you, how and where you want to be cared for and what level of care you would want in the future. 

As the illness progresses, palliative care can help your family as they plan to care for you either at home, in an assisted living facility or a nursing home. Keeping you safe is critical. The team can give your family guidance and help them cope with these concerns and, later, with making decisions about feeding difficulties, infection, hospitalization, and the best place for you to be cared for. 

You can receive palliative care in the hospital, outpatient clinic and sometimes at home.  Although Alzheimer’s Disease is difficult, when palliative care is involved some of the burden is eased and the best quality of life is achieved. 

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