Paradigm Health’s palliative care is an extra level of support to increase quality of life and allows the patient to remain home—or wherever they call home—alleviating multiple trips back and forth to the hospital and streamlining doctor’s appointments and coordinating resources. Palliative care is a specialty of medicine focused on pain and symptom management, and the stress of a serious illness and chronic disease management. Anyone who is severely of chronically ill in search of pain and symptom management can benefit from a community-based, holistic approach to palliative care. Receiving care in your own home can reduce stress and streamline care that is comforting. 

Goals of Palliative Care at Home – Unique to You 

  • Monitoring of palliative care symptoms like pain, anxiety, nausea 
  • Ability to prescribe medications to ease symptoms  
  • Wound care and treatment of other medical symptoms and needs 
  • Provide spiritual and emotional help in support of a primary care physician 
  • Social work assistance in connecting resources for the patient and family  

Why Palliative Care at Home? 

Offers caregiving that is built around a patient’s schedule offering convenience  

Allows a patient to receive care surrounded by their own personal surroundings 

Helps to alleviate extra trips to the hospital, medical fees, travel to and from appointments 

Palliative Care Wherever A Patient Calls Home 

Whether a patient is in their own home, a living facility or a hospital, Paradigm Health can provide palliative care wherever you call home.  

Is it Time For Palliative Care? 

Knowing when the right time for palliative care is can be confusing. Take our palliative care quiz or call Paradigm Health today for a consultation.