Relief and management of patient pain symptoms a priority in palliative care community based therapy

Paradigm Health and its team are committed to continuing education that supports and improves the quality of life for our palliative care patients. Recently two of our nurse practitioners completed the Center to Advance Palliative Care (CAPC) designation by completing a rigorous 14-course series in pain management. CAPC’s pain management designation covers which patients are appropriate to consider for opioid pain management therapy, how to assess risk for substance use disorder, and how to safely prescribe, monitor, and document opioid therapy.  

Palliative Care Through Paradigm Health 

Paradigm Health’s palliative care program is paving the way as an integral and supportive partner in Central Indiana for patients and families. 

Our priority is a community-based approach to a patient’s overall plan of care and a commitment to collaborate with all members of an individual’s medical team to manage and lead caregiving based upon a specific set of symptoms. Pain management is a focus of our palliative care protocol, and the Paradigm Health team has our patients comfort as a priority. Patients are living longer with serious illness, and their care is moving out of the hospital and into community care settings. For the sickest patients, this means care delivered in the home. 

Our ongoing dedication to education and how best to serve our patients and families has made us the provider of choice for so many seeking palliative care and relief of their pain symptoms wherever they call home.