Rita Newton would be the first to share that her mother Ruby’s continuum of care provided by Paradigm Health really was a journey. From a recommendation to include palliative care after a hospitalization to a transition to end-of-life care, one priority stayed constant: Keep her mother at home.  

“At 89, my mother was still living alone and caring for herself,” shares Newton. “But after a fall that included a broken shoulder, a hospitalized diagnosis of RSV, and a fainting event at a family gathering, we knew that her health was declining, and we needed support and to seek help.” 

Prior to Ruby’s release from her last hospitalization, a social worker shared that palliative care might be an option to help the Newton family care for Ruby. Ruby was on several medications and had a few specialists from an oncologist to a cardiologist. The social worker explained that palliative care could help manage and streamline the doctor’s communication and appointment and help with medication as well.  

“We had never heard of palliative care and honestly – I don’t think most people really know what hospice care is either or when it is the right time for both,” Newton says. “Paradigm Health came to our home and explained everything about palliative care and that it could be done right in our home – we all were on board – it was a resounding ‘yes’.” 

During Ruby’s palliative care with Paradigm Health, she began to decline, and her oncologist identified a spot on her lungs. Her specialist realized that all of Ruby’s medicines, treatments, blood draws and doctor’s appointments including rehab appointments, for her broken shoulder, were taking a large toll on her health.  

“He said to mom ‘are you sure you want to continue seeking treatment’,” shares Newton. “My mother seemed relieved to respond that she didn’t want to do all that anymore and we transitioned from palliative care to hospice care for her.” 

Many people believe hospice care to be care for only a short period of time prior to death. But, often, a patient can be on hospice care for months. Ruby was certified twice to remain in hospice care. 

“Paradigm Health provided help with so many things for my mom so that she could remain at home during her hospice care,” Newton says. “They helped provide a hospital bed, personal hygiene supplies and ultimately medicine to keep my mom out of pain.” 

The Rita and Ruby’s extended family was a huge support system during her end-of-life care. Her friends and family were still bringing Ruby her favorite doughnuts from Titus Bakery and special candy from Donaldson’s Chocolates. For Ruby – it was about finding the light in each day which aligns with Paradigm Health’s mission to raise the bar of the hospice and palliative experience one family, one team member, one community at a time.  

In late 2023, Rita’s mother passed away peacefully. 

“Having a palliative and hospice care partner with us every step of the way like Paradigm Health was just a gift,” Newton shares. “We really wanted mom to be able to be cared for at home and keep her comfortable and with us as much as possible. You know, the folks at Paradigm become like family during the caregiving process and we couldn’t be more grateful.”