Treating Each Patient with Dignity, Compassion, and Respect

Paradigm Health spotlights national Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) week by celebrating the difference makers on our team like CNA Dorenda Rogers who serves Marion County. Her commitment to compassionate caregiving is at the heart of all we do to enrich the lives of our patients and their families every day.  

“A family member convinced me to begin CNA classes thinking it would be a perfect fit for me,” says Rogers. “I passed my class with flying colors and my instructor shared with me that he couldn’t believe I had never done CNA work before — it was a calling for me.” 

Caring for others is a Rogers specialty and she treats every patient just as she would a beloved family member. Whether it is assisting a patient with daily living such as brushing hair, brushing teeth, help with feeding, showers and much more, each visit is different depending on the needs of the patient. 

“It can sometimes be hectic going from patient to patient, but I have learned to ‘read the room’ and understand where each patient is on that day,” Rogers shares. “I may be providing basic care, but I still do it with compassion and empathy and a smile goes a long way especially when someone is having a bad day.” 

Rogers says she can watch a patient’s body language as they respond to other people or what is going on around them. As a frontline caregiver, says Rogers, you are an extra set of eyes for the Paradigm Health caregiving team to make sure there is ongoing communication about each patient and where they are in their palliative or hospice care journey.  

“I had not heard of Paradigm Health before I began working with them,” Rogers says. “But I knew right away that they had the same mindset as I did when it came to care by treating all patients with the dignity and respect that they deserve.” 

Collaboration, Rogers continues, is just essential in healthcare settings whether that is in a facility, a hospital or a patient’s home. Paradigm Health’s holistic and community-based approach to care really focuses on communication and that is so important to above-and-beyond care for the patients she cares for in Marion County.  

“Even though we are celebrating CNA week now, our frontline of caregivers needs support throughout the year,” Rogers reflects. “Paradigm Health is great at making sure we have continuous words of encouragement and that we know we are supported and valued.” 

Paradigm Health’s mission is to raise the bar of the hospice and palliative care experience one family, one team member, one community at a time. As we honor Rogers’ during CNA Week, we extend our deepest gratitude to all CNAs who selflessly dedicate themselves to the well-being of others.