A Unique Work Culture Translates to Expert Palliative Care and Hospice Care

Paradigm Health’s mission is to raise the bar of the hospice and palliative experience one family, one team member, one community at a time. For Paradigm Health Clinical Liaison and Patient Care Navigator Katie Bess her focus is on bringing above-and-beyond hospice care to the Fort Wayne and surrounding communities including Allen, DeKalb, Noble, Whitley and Huntington Counties.  

Katie Bess Paradigm Health

“As a patient liaison, it is my honor to serve patients and families during the end-of-life journey,” shares Bess. “Part of my job is to educate others about our services and serve as a support and communication bridge between Paradigm Health and those we serve.” 

Bess also shares that what makes Paradigm Health unique among those hospice and palliative care companies serving Fort Wayne, Allen County and beyond is the team approach and compassionate commitment to helping patients enrich each day — it is about the living. 

“I learned about Paradigm Health when I received a call from a colleague that I greatly admire who had joined the Paradigm team,” Bess reflects. “We talked about work culture and values, and I instantly felt compelled to also join a team who is mission driven to do the right thing for the right reasons.” 

Paradigm Health’s support of its staff — by being the employer of choice — directly translates to above-and beyond care for patients and families ultimately becoming the provider of choice.  

“Many patients and families aren’t sure when is the right time to seek hospice or palliative care,” says Bess. “When they begin to notice a mental or physical health decline, our services can help those with life limiting chronic illnesses and it is my experience that people tend to live happier and longer with those chronic illnesses if they seek both clinical and life enrichment support sooner rather than later.” 

For Bess, the most rewarding part of her job is the impact she can make – small or large – on the patients and families she serves. Her experience in oncology, social services, mental health, and palliative and hospice care allow her to bring her knowledge and experiences to help patients, families, and caregivers navigate the hospice journey.  

Visit myparadigmhealth.com or call 317-735-6001 for more information on how the Paradigm Health team can help support you or your loved one.