Who a veteran chooses as a hospice care partner is a choice—your choice.

Hospice Care for VeteransStarting Hospice 
If you are a veteran thinking about hospice care, you know that the decision can be a difficult one. It means that you or your loved one is nearing the end of life. It is normal to feel very emotional when hospice is discussed. Some people and their families may feel choosing hospice means they are giving up. But in many ways deciding on hospice care is choosing to have control and an active role in the last stages of one’s life. 

You or your loved one’s healthcare providers can help guide you in making the decision. But keep in mind that the goal of hospice is to provide comfort. This is done for both the person who is ill and their family. Hospice is about providing compassionate care and making sure of the quality of life for the time a person has left. Emotional and practical matters are taken care of while symptoms are controlled. 

Hospice Care for Veterans—Choosing a Hospice Partner
Paradigm Health believes education is the key to choosing the right hospice care provider. And, ultimately, it is your choice. When you are looking at hospices, ask questions. What are their services? Where do they provide care? Ask for a copy of the hospice’s Patient’s Rights and Responsibilities. To learn more about starting hospice care as a veteran visit the Veterans Health Library.