Tiffany Kirchner

Paradigm Health’s holistic community-based approach to hospice and palliative care focuses on the patient’s unique goals of care. For Paradigm Health Regional Director of Clinical Services Tiffany Kirchner, her dedication to the principles of empathy and compassion ensure that she prioritizes holistic care for each patient and family she encounters.  

Kirchner has been board-certified in hospice and palliative medicine since 2011 and received a master’s degree in nursing (MSN) in 2010 followed by a doctorate of nursing practice (DNP) in 2016.  

“Providing coordination of care for patients with life-limiting illnesses — particularly those focusing on complex symptom management — is a priority,” says Kirchner. “A holistic approach to palliative and hospice care allows for a community-based care plan that supports patents no matter where they call home or where they are in their healthcare journey.”  

Her own journey began in palliative care as a registered nurse working with oncology patients. At Paradigm Health, her many years of knowledge and experience have propelled her into a leadership role to continue to serve patients in the greater Fort Wayne and Allen County area as well as assist with program development.  

“Everything we do each day should be built around holding ourselves to a higher standard and doing the right things for the right reasons as we serve others with compassion, respect and dignity,” Kirchner says. “This ensures that we are truly providing the highest level of holistic care for each patient and family we serve.”