Paradigm volunteers are an essential part of our care teams and assist with enriching every day for a patient. As an invaluable resource, they bring a friendly smile, warm conversation, a hand to hold or offer a welcome respite family. To learn more about becoming a Paradigm volunteer, visit our Volunteer page.

Connie ColemanConnie C. 

Connie Coleman is a retired triage nurse with over 45 years of caregiving experience. She is a seasoned volunteer who is extremely passionate about bringing support, care and companionship to hospice patients and their families 

Q: How did you first hear about Paradigm Health? 

Connie: I did an online search to learn about hospice care in the area and see how I might help. 

Q: How did you hear about their volunteering opportunities and do you volunteer with any other organizations? 

Connie: I volunteer with a few organizations including TheraPets-of-Indiana, Exodus Refugee Immigration Inc. as well as being active with the mission team at my church. I saw a need for volunteers for Paradigm Health online and once I met with them, I knew it would be a great place to volunteer and make a difference. 

Q: How have you adapted to “volunteering from a distance” and what types of projects have you worked on for Paradigm? 

Connie: Due to the coronavirus and the restrictions that have been put in place for safety, visiting in person was not and has not been permitted. Instead, I make follow-up phone calls to the bereaved families — connected to Paradigm Health through their loved one — who have experienced the death of their loved one in the last 13 months. I also do tele-visits when I can and the patient is able to do so.  

Q: What would you share with other folks who might be thinking about becoming a hospice care volunteer? 

Connie: It is rewarding to offer support, comfort and to answer question and allay fears of families and their loved one as they experience the endoflife stage and death. There are so many benefits to volunteering. It is doing and giving to others. When you volunteer you are making connections that give you a sense of purpose and makes you happy. Moreover, to volunteer provides many benefits to both mental and physical health. 

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